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Scott Morrison warns against rash response to banking royal commission


Banking Royal Commission report looms over the industry

Royal Commissions into Australian Financial Sector and the Murray Darling have shone a spotlight on Corporate Crime and political corruption.  Morrison is concerned not about the criminality referred to but the rash response to it. No such concerns for Indigenous Australians who are jailed for not paying their bills or any similar concern for Asylum Seekers or African Immigrants is there. Will anyone be charged over the fact that politics protects and is entrenched in the inherent corruption of a sick system? Who is going to be charged? (ODT)

Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission slams authority for ‘maladministration’

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the Australian economy faces “significant consequences” if the banking royal commission triggers a credit crunch, while warning an election contest over which party is tougher on the beleaguered financial services industry risks undermining the system.

Scott Morrison warns against rash response to banking royal commission