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Old Dog Thoughts-The Uniformed World of the Murdoch’s and mega rorting

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Coalition’s workplace laws to diminish unions, not wage theft

In industries propped up by temporary migrant workers, underpayment of workers is so widespread, it’s said to have become a business model. reporter @rubycornish takes a look at widespread wage theft in Australia

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Old Dog Thoughts- Bullies and Bigots never change just club together

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Unclaimed wages likely to top one billion dollars


A landmark study has found a silent underclass of vulnerable Australian workers is owed an estimated billion dollars with almost a third paid $12 per hour or less – almost half of their legal entitlements.

The University of NSW (UNSW) and Univerity of Technology Sydney (UTS) research found that fewer than one in ten migrant workers has taken action to recover unpaid wages, even though they know they are being underpaid. The remaining nine in ten suffered wage theft in silence.

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