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Peter Dutton’s Plan For Cutting Energy Prices! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

It’s been a good week for Peter Dutton because – now that the Albanese government has announced something on energy prices – Dutton knows what it is that he’s against. For the past few weeks, he’s been reluctant to express a view on the subject in case it turns out that Labor have ruled it out and he’ll be left agreeing with them.

So what’s the big plan that the Liberals have on energy prices?

Well, from what I can work out it seems that their plan is not to cap prices and to encourage a gas-led recovery from Covid and that will mean that we’ve all got plenty of gas and…

Oh wait, that was Mr Morrison’s plan that he didn’t implement because he can’t do everything.

Let’s see… The plan now seems to be to take the restrictions off nuclear energy and in about ten years or so, we should have plenty of cheap nuclear power with a reactor in every home.

Mm, that doesn’t seem to fix the price of my next gas or electricity bill. No, I don’t think the Liberals are on a winner there, even if they’re on a winner with nice guy Pete.

The only thing that confuses me is that Dutton was so unpopular within his own party that they elected Morrison rather than let him become PM.

I guess they just didn’t know him well enough!


Source: Peter Dutton’s Plan For Cutting Energy Prices! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Dutton’s dire warning on power prices as renewables race tightens

power prices

The truth of the matter being, the Morrison Government requested a report of their own pre-election, which was buried because it showed that their own strategies were in fact exacerbating the price rises that were inevitably about to and have now come about. Yet Peter Dutton is avoiding that inconvenient truth and is now attempting to put the blame on the ALP’s short 4-5 months in office. The real issue is which media is reporting Dutton’s continued misuse of the truth rather than questioning and revealing it?

Dutton doesn’t mention the biggest investors in renewables were in fact were the subsidised Fossil Fuel Industry who wanted to control the pace of the transition ensuring their investment still made the biggest buck for their dollar and at the same time get a boost from the LNP while doing it. They learned their lessons well from the Tobacco companies who today argue that they are the biggest drivers of the global “Quit Smoking” campaigns and not governments. All smoke and mirrors when one looks closely. and we the people are paying.

Fossil fuel investors are now even suing governments for profits lost under restrictive trade practices enabled by agreements signed just as big tobacco did.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton delivered an ominous warning that Australians may have to choose between “heating” and “eating” next year, as he seeks to tie the government’s renewables plan to rising bills.

Source: Dutton’s dire warning on power prices as renewables race tightens

Dutton takes aim at Morrison legal advice – Michael West

Has Dutton said anything substantial since becoming Opposition Leader? “Let’s forget the past and move on” is hardly anything other than projection.

Dutton takes aim at Morrison legal advice – Michael West

Mr Dutton said while what Mr Morrison did was wrong, Australians wanted to put the scandal behind them.

“The issue now waits for the legal advice that comes back from the solicitor-general that the prime minister’s commissioned,” Mr Dutton told Sydney radio station 2GB on Thursday.

“I don’t expect that that provides anything further than probably another opportunity for the prime minister to have a whack, and I think most people, frankly, want to move on and start dealing with issues that are more important.”

Dutton takes aim at Morrison legal advice – Michael West

Michael Pascoe: Australia’s spooks go dangerously rogue – or lie. Or both

Australia China Petter Dutton

Mr Dutton, regular readers will know, has done more than anyone to ensure no other country has a relationship with China as bad as ours, starting with his echoing of Donald Trump on COVID and never letting up since as he has beaten the drums of war. His latest effort is to repeatedly suggest the Solomon Islands government had been bribed to sign the security deal with China.

It’s not for nothing that I call Peter Dutton the Offence Minister. In my opinion, he has done more than anyone to make Australia a target while presiding over an ill-equipped, bungle-prone and undermanned defence force that seems to delight in signing up for things it is sold, rather buying what Australia actually needs.

Source: Michael Pascoe: Australia’s spooks go dangerously rogue – or lie. Or both

‘Most to gain’: Bob Carr doubles down on Dutton text claims

bob carr

What, Dutton isn’t suing Carr for his “hurt feelings”? It raises the question that Carr knows he wouldn’t dare because Carrt just might have the goods on Dutton. Heaven help Australia if Dutton, the once head of the Monkey Pod room and Boomgate, did win the job.

Former Labor foreign affairs minister Bob Carr has doubled down on his allegations that Peter Dutton is behind the leaking of explosive texts about the Prime Minister. The Defence Minister described Mr Carr’s claims as “baseless” on Sunday night – after he tweeted an accusation that Mr Dutton was the serving Liberal cabinet member behind the leak of messages blasting Scott Morrison as a “complete psycho”. “Bob Carr’s tweet is baseless, untrue and should be deleted,” Mr Dutton tweeted a little over an hour after the allegation was made. But Mr Carr, who is also a former NSW premier, told Sky News on Monday that he had a “rock solid media source” for his allegations – although he would not reveal who it was.

Source: ‘Most to gain’: Bob Carr doubles down on Dutton text claims

African-Australians Fight Racism With #Africangangs Hashtag After Dutton Claims

Australia’s biggest gang member ransacked the Nation on a regular basis. Wasting tax payer money on an unprecedented scale such as $ 50 mill to Cambodia to resettle 4 asylum seekers. This recidivist continues to repeat his acts of national robbery making his gang appear to be the highest and most destructive in the country

via African-Australians Fight Racism With #Africangangs Hashtag After Dutton Claims

The Hysterical Tania Plibersek

It’s always worth remembering the origins of the word “hysteria”.

I actually can’t at the moment, but I do know that it stems from the same word family as hysterectomy. And, just as a man can’t have one of those, we should remember that only women can be hysterical.

So, Mr Dutton – who clearly can’t be accused of hysteria, because he’s a man – calls for a measured response to the Ebola crisis. After all, it’s not like the “debt crisis” or the “budget emergency”, this is only killing a few thousand people in Africa, so there’s really no problem.

Mr Dutton – for those of you who’ve never heard of him – is our Health Minister, and as such is a very measured person. He’s so measured that he didn’t ask a single question about his portfolio while he was Shadow Minister for Health.

Mr Dutton pointed out the problems with Tania Plibersek’s response:

“This has to be done in a sensible, rational way, not an emotional way that put people in harm’s way … Mr Shorten seems to have maintained his composure, whereas Ms Plibersek is quite hysterical, which is not the leadership you need in these crises.”

Plibersek, on the other hand, urged immediate action, suggesting:

“The predictions are that if we don’t get Ebola under control in the next two months or so, the spread of the virus will be completely unpredictable and very difficult to handle. We’ve had calls from around the world for Australia to send help.

“We must stop this in West Africa, and Australia must be part of an international effort. If Ebola gets to Asia there’s no guarantee of Australia’s safety.”

See, hysteria!

But that’s just typical of the Labor Party! I mean in Parliament today, they were rabbiting on about Mr Abbott’s so called promise about not changing the GST. As Mr Abbott suggested, they are incapable of having a mature, adult conversation about broken promises without tossing words like “broken promises” into the discussion. How childish!

No, we need less hysteria about things like Ebola and climate change. After all, hysteria about the end of the planet led to the carbon tax which nearly wiped Whyalla off the map and if it wasn’t for its abolition Australia would have had all its mines shifted offshore.

As Andrew Bolt wrote today, while singing the praises of another Dutchman, Van Gogh (It’s a shame these people from other countries can’t actually praise good Australian artists. Pro Hart, for example, sold more paintings than Van Gogh, so surely he must be better. If Van Gogh were in Australia today, he’d want a subsidy, but thankfully we could just say piss off back where you came from, Dutchie!):

“I quit journalism twice, thinking I’d never get the hang of it.”

Of course, once he realised that he could write for the Murdoch press without the need for journalism, he became the man he is today. Which, of course, means that he could never be called hysterical.

After all, as I just said, he’s a man. And an adult.

Unlike Tania Plibersek, who seems to think that Ebola would be a problem if it spread to Asia. Doesn’t she realise that we have much better ways of dealing with Ebola and it’d be no problem if it spread to Australia. It’d only be a problem if one of the volunteers in Africa contracted it, because we don’t have any agreement for evacuation, and, as we should have learned from World War Two, Britain’s entry into the Common Market and Tony Abbott, when it comes to helping out Australia, there’s no way we should rely on the English.