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Rio claiming employee taxes as its own – Michael West Media

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The Minerals Council of Australia, a foreign-controlled mining lobby, has duped Australia’s major media in an $80bn PR scam by not accounting for billions in GST refunded every year, exaggerating the contribution of the minerals industry to Australia. Callum Foote reports.https://www.michaelwest.com.au/murdoch-media-nine-entertainment-mining-lobby-busted-for-record-bullartistry-go-into-hiding/


Minerals giant Rio Tinto has counted the $769 million in tax paid by its employees in Australia in its tally of tax paid by itself in 2021. The minerals and fossil fuel industry frequently engage in PR attempts to bolster its image of contributing to the economy, securing its social license to operate. Chief among these efforts is spruiking the amount of taxes and royalties paid. In 2021, Rio claims $11.1 billion in taxes and royalties have been paid in Australia alone. The first point is that royalties and taxes are not equivalent payments. Royalties are the cost of purchasing commodities from the Australian people. The second point is that Rio has claimed the taxes paid by its employees as its own.

Source: Rio claiming employee taxes as its own – Michael West Media

Sparke Helmore received $162m from Morrison government – Michael West Media


Sparke Helmore Lawyers, who the government used to conduct the investigation into potential sexual misconduct in the Australian Parliament prayer room by Liberal MPs, has received more than $162 million from the Morrison government.

Source: Sparke Helmore received $162m from Morrison government – Michael West Media

Greg Hunt saves 40,000 lives (not nurses, doctors, just Greg) – Michael West Media

Greg Hunt

Why Victoria is Progressive not because of Greg Hunt

“When Jack the Ripper died he saved the lives of women across London,” Bernie Dowling, Twitter.

So it was that Health Minister Greg Hunt threw a presser today in which Greg was in no arguing mood when his colleague the Member for Moncrieff Angie Bell praised him for saving 40,000 lives.

Greg Hunt saves 40,000 lives (not nurses, doctors, just Greg) – Michael West Media


The Tactical Insertion of a Jen

Only the most hardened cynic would decry the appearance of Jenny Morrison in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph helping her husband Scott announce $58 million in funding for endometriosis. This debilitating illness affects 11% of Australian women and girls, of which Jenny is one.

It’s worth noting, however, that Mrs M did not come forward with her story when Health Minister Greg Hunt announced $20 million for endometriosis funding as a part of the $353.9 million in women’s health funding in the budget last year. Though of course, that was a full year away from an election. 

The Tele spread is certainly another insight into the turbocharged media machine at the PM’s disposal as he chases every last vote.

Old Dog Thought- The LNP dirt brigade are looking for a “Pizzagate” missile to fire at Albo. But all they’ve had to date is boomerangs

Fighting Fake News with REAL 18/3/22 Truth in Humour; Lobby Land, Russian Oligarchs in Australia, US Tax Havens, Corruption, Week on Wednesday;

Guardian defence story forgets to disclose weapons links – Michael West Media

PR people like to crow they write most of the newspapers. Problem is, they’re correct, but now it’s think tanks too.

Guardian Australia’s analysis today by Katharine Murphy: “Rising US isolationism means Australia must become more resilient and autonomous, think-tank warns” was based on a research paper by the University of Sydney’s United States Studies Centre (USSC).

The story by did not reveal that while also being funded by the United States Department of State and the Australian government, the think tank also receives funding from weapon makers Northrop Grumman Australia and Thales.

Duncan Lewis, the former director-general of ASIO, has also been appointed as a non-resident fellow. On the board is Dr Brendan Nelson, president of Boeing Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific. Mick Mulvaney, the former chief of staff in the Trump administration, is also a non-resident fellow.

As reported by the uni’s student newspaper Honi Soit the University of Sydney’s Chancellor Belinda Hutchinson also acts as the chairman of Thales Australia, the local arm of French global weapons manufacturer Thales Group.


Source: Guardian defence story forgets to disclose weapons links – Michael West Media

Lobbyland – Michael West Media


Welcome to Lobbyland! Lobbyland is an online column dedicated to unravelling the political and corporate spin coming out of Australian politics. To start us off, it has been 1187 days since Scott Morrison formally committed to a “Commonwealth Integrity Commission” on the eve of the 2019 federal election. “A new Commonwealth Integrity Commission will take the lead on detecting and stamping out any corrupt and criminal behaviour by Commonwealth employees,” he assured the nation.

Source: Lobbyland – Michael West Media