Rio claiming employee taxes as its own – Michael West Media

Minerals Council of Australia, Deloitte, taxes and royalties, Australian mining

The Minerals Council of Australia, a foreign-controlled mining lobby, has duped Australia’s major media in an $80bn PR scam by not accounting for billions in GST refunded every year, exaggerating the contribution of the minerals industry to Australia. Callum Foote reports.


Minerals giant Rio Tinto has counted the $769 million in tax paid by its employees in Australia in its tally of tax paid by itself in 2021. The minerals and fossil fuel industry frequently engage in PR attempts to bolster its image of contributing to the economy, securing its social license to operate. Chief among these efforts is spruiking the amount of taxes and royalties paid. In 2021, Rio claims $11.1 billion in taxes and royalties have been paid in Australia alone. The first point is that royalties and taxes are not equivalent payments. Royalties are the cost of purchasing commodities from the Australian people. The second point is that Rio has claimed the taxes paid by its employees as its own.

Source: Rio claiming employee taxes as its own – Michael West Media

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