Greg Hunt saves 40,000 lives (not nurses, doctors, just Greg) – Michael West Media

Greg Hunt

Why Victoria is Progressive not because of Greg Hunt

“When Jack the Ripper died he saved the lives of women across London,” Bernie Dowling, Twitter.

So it was that Health Minister Greg Hunt threw a presser today in which Greg was in no arguing mood when his colleague the Member for Moncrieff Angie Bell praised him for saving 40,000 lives.

Greg Hunt saves 40,000 lives (not nurses, doctors, just Greg) – Michael West Media


The Tactical Insertion of a Jen

Only the most hardened cynic would decry the appearance of Jenny Morrison in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph helping her husband Scott announce $58 million in funding for endometriosis. This debilitating illness affects 11% of Australian women and girls, of which Jenny is one.

It’s worth noting, however, that Mrs M did not come forward with her story when Health Minister Greg Hunt announced $20 million for endometriosis funding as a part of the $353.9 million in women’s health funding in the budget last year. Though of course, that was a full year away from an election. 

The Tele spread is certainly another insight into the turbocharged media machine at the PM’s disposal as he chases every last vote.

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