Guardian defence story forgets to disclose weapons links – Michael West Media

PR people like to crow they write most of the newspapers. Problem is, they’re correct, but now it’s think tanks too.

Guardian Australia’s analysis today by Katharine Murphy: “Rising US isolationism means Australia must become more resilient and autonomous, think-tank warns” was based on a research paper by the University of Sydney’s United States Studies Centre (USSC).

The story by did not reveal that while also being funded by the United States Department of State and the Australian government, the think tank also receives funding from weapon makers Northrop Grumman Australia and Thales.

Duncan Lewis, the former director-general of ASIO, has also been appointed as a non-resident fellow. On the board is Dr Brendan Nelson, president of Boeing Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific. Mick Mulvaney, the former chief of staff in the Trump administration, is also a non-resident fellow.

As reported by the uni’s student newspaper Honi Soit the University of Sydney’s Chancellor Belinda Hutchinson also acts as the chairman of Thales Australia, the local arm of French global weapons manufacturer Thales Group.


Source: Guardian defence story forgets to disclose weapons links – Michael West Media

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