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Journalists responsible for Scott Morrison’s lack of accountability

Reporting by the mainstream media has resulted in a propaganda machine for the Government in place of actual truth-telling, writes Dr Victoria Fielding. IN THE PAST FORTNIGHT, there has been a distinct shift in the media’s willingness to hold Scott Morrison to account for his responsibilities as Prime Minister. Journalists and commentators are asking why he has not delivered on his two key pandemic jobs — to efficiently roll out the vaccine and to deliver effective quarantine facilities.

Source: Journalists responsible for Scott Morrison’s lack of accountability

Riot Squad: Right-Wing Video Journalists Help Smear BLM

In the year since George Floyd’s murder, conservative news outlets have endlessly hyped distorted stories about violence at Black Lives Matter protests. Key videos they used come from a tight-knit group of eight young journalists.

Source: Riot Squad: Right-Wing Video Journalists Help Smear BLM

Cutting Deals with Big Tech Won’t Save Journalism | The Smirking Chimp

It’s increasingly clear that market-based solutions for news production aren’t helping foster a more equitable and inclusive democracy. In the United States, commercial media share a sizable portion of the blame for the rise of Donald Trump—and, with him, Trump-style white nationalism. What happened in the 20th century, when local print, radio and TV outlets were the best way for advertisers to target local audiences, was a historical fluke. Attempts to rebuild or insulate that old-media model in the 21st century are a fool’s errand. Future solutions must involve new hybrid private- and public-sector models, or direct public funding for journalism, so long as it includes guardrails to protect the editorial independence of news organizations on the receiving end.

Cutting Deals with Big Tech Won’t Save Journalism | The Smirking Chimp

Journalism faces a crisis worldwide – we might be entering a new dark age | Margaret Simons | Media | The Guardian

Almost anyone can use the worldwide web to be a media outlet, so how will we differentiate between truth, myth and lies?

Source: Journalism faces a crisis worldwide – we might be entering a new dark age | Margaret Simons | Media | The Guardian

Supporting citizen journalism

There are many qualities that have earned IA its popular reputation – such as its vital role as truth-seeker and investigator, and its non-partisan commentary – but what really sets IA apart for me is its support of “citizen journalism“.

It’s important to remember that our communities know a whole lot more than we do. Engaging in conversation with them will clearly lead to better journalism. This is the credo to which managing editor Dave Donovan, I and, in fact, the whole IA team subscribe.

Unlike most other news sites, we have come down from our ivory tower, crossed the virtual moat and joined the throng. At IA, we encourage our readers to not only comment on the stories, but also pitch the stories and write them. If you have an important story to tell, see our Submission Guidelines. As trained journalists, Dave and I will help bring your story to a publishable standard because we believe in a diversity of voices across the media landscape.

The new media – or “Fifth Estate“, as some call it – is no longer a lecture — now, it’s a multi-directional conversation. Well-known advocate for digital media and entrepeneurial journalism, Mark Briggs, calls it the sixth W” of journalism“who, what, when, why and WE.”

Follow DD or me on Twitter and we’ll follow you back. Respond to one of our tweets and we’ll engage with you — unlike a great many Fourth Estate journos, who have taken to Twitter but don’t follow back or engage. Those “gatekeepers” are still lecturing from their ivory tower and missing most of the facts, debate and real news. You might have an important story to tell — but they’re unlikely to help you tell it, let alone publish it.

And if you subscribe to IA, apart from receiving the daily or weekly newsletter and gifts, you’ll automatically become a member of the IA forum, where you can pitch ideas for stories, engage in discussions, post videos and so on.

We’d love to collaborate with you, so please feel free to come and join the IA family.