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Anti-Semitism rears its ugly head once more


“Anti-Semitism is distinct from other forms of racism because instead of looking down on other races as inferior, it directs the venom upwards, towards an imaginary and evil elite. The “evil” — ever malleable historically as Bolshevism, “rootless” cosmopolitanism, capitalism, globalism, Zionism — has a new potency in this anxious, reactionary moment.”Julie Szego

I don’t know whether Julie Szego is Jewish or not but she certainly seems lost. To her if you do or don’t mention Jews your anti-Semitic. If you do or don’t mention Israel your anti-Semitic, If you are a Jew or aren’t a Jew your possibly anti-Semitic. Apparantly Netanyahu like Corbyn is anti-Semitic but neither know they are but in Corbyn’s case it’s inexcusable, in Netanyahu he’s just confused.

As my father married a Shitzka  it make me fully half or just my shadow anti-Semitic?  Jews don’t recognize me Nazis do and I ‘m deplored at what the State Israel is currently doing while being able to say some of my best friends are Jews without fear of lying.   What does Julie Szego say? “I don’t fear for the Jews. I fear for the world.” She says utterly nothing from her” I’m lost and alone” apartheid position of them and me which according to her makes me part of the World and her lamentably not. (OD  comment)


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Why union members earn higher wages than their non-union colleagues


Over recent decades in Australia union membership has fallen from 40% of the workforce in 1990 to 15% in 2016 and so unions might seem less relevant in making a difference to what we earn. But our research finds that union members do earn higher wages per hour than non-union members.

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Cambodian female workers in Nike, Asics and Puma factories suffer mass faintings | Global development | The Guardian

Sportswear brands review spate of incidents in factories where employees on short-term contracts work 10-hour days in 30C temperatures

Source: Cambodian female workers in Nike, Asics and Puma factories suffer mass faintings | Global development | The Guardian

Labor Is At War With Inequality, Not Business – New Matilda

A barely reported speech delivered recently by a Labor MP reveals the party is moving towards a more radical position on the thorny issue of competition. Despite the shrieks from the business lobby, it’s not really about them, writes Ben Eltham. “ALP ramps up its war on business,” screamed the headline today in The Australian. AccordingMore

Source: Labor Is At War With Inequality, Not Business – New Matilda

Labor Unveils New Election-Winning Strategy

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Bill Shorten has unveiled the key policy platform that he hopes will lead Labor to victory later this year: former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

In a speech to party faithful, Mr Shorten said it was a policy that everyone could get behind. “Tony Abbott still has so much to offer his electorate, his country, and the Labor Party. He has that rare ability to bind everyone together. As we head towards the election, I want to have a Tony Abbott on every TV screen, on every newspaper in the country”.

One Labor front-bencher said Mr Abbott had been a loyal servant of the Australian people and deserved respect. “Just as Kevin Rudd continued to make a contribution after he was deposed as Prime Minister, so too can Tony Abbott make a valuable contribution to my future”.

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