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The global context of China’s assault on Australian trade and diplomacy

For Australia, lessons can be learned from Japan. New Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga used his first overseas trip to visit Indonesia and Vietnam. Suga signed a defence export deal with Hanoi and provided a $670 million low-interest loan to Jakarta. Suga also deepened security relations with Australia through a defence pact. Suga is making clear and systematic moves to diversify relations and contain Chinese expansion, yet is doing so without the belligerent bluster and crude diplomatic noise found in Morrison’s public displays. Japan has ongoing disputes with China over the South China Sea and tensions remain over Japan’s security arrangements with the United States, yet the two maintain productive and mutually beneficial trade and diplomatic relations. Former Prime Minister and specialist in Sino-Australia relations, Kevin Rudd, has described Japan’s approach as “do more, talk less”. For attention-hungry Morrison, such a strategy is inconceivable.

The global context of China’s assault on Australian trade and diplomacy

Melbourne Ticket Inspectors To Spend Week Patrolling High Seas In Job Swap With Border Force

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Melbourne’s train and tram inspectors will be checking to make sure those trying to enter the country have a valid travel pass this week, while their counterparts in the Australian Border Force patrol for visas at Flinders Street Station.

It’s all part of a innovative job swap scheme introduced to give officers the chance to branch out from their normal routine.

Arnold Walsh, a Pubic Transport Victoria inspector from Melbourne’s west would usually spend Monday mornings checking Myki and concession cards at the southern exit of Flinders Street Station. But today he’s 200km North of Darwin on a 60-foot patrol vessel. “It’s a new experience, that’s for sure. We’ve booked a lot of people for not having a valid ticket for today’s train travel, so it’s certainly been worthwhile,” he said.

Walsh says there are some similarities between the two beats. “We’ve heard all the usual range of excuses. ‘The ticket machine wasn’t working’. ‘I didn’t have any change on me’. ‘I’m fleeing a war zone’. But as we always say, you’ve got to touch on and touch off for every journey. No excuses”.

Back at Flinders Street, Border Force officer Kevin Hume is also keeping busy. “Thirty people stopped, thirty people without a visa,” he says, juggling an automatic weapon in one hand, and a ticket validator machine in the other.

The job swap – a joint initiative between the Australian Border Force and Public Transport Victoria – is designed to increase job satisfaction and broaden the experience of officers. Border Force officer Kevin Hume says it’s also a chance to share learnings. “I really like the set up of the ticket barriers at Flinders Street Station. That’s something I could see us roll out in the Timor”.