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Top 5 Ways Coal and Gasoline-Driven Ocean Change can Threaten Human Health

Ocean waters are now warmer, more acidic and hold less oxygen. Ocean ecosystems, already stressed from overfishing and pollution, face escalating risks of further degradation. With melting sea ice, rising sea levels and growing extreme weather events, human health and well-being now face many threats, most aimed at coastal populations.

Source: Top 5 Ways Coal and Gasoline-Driven Ocean Change can Threaten Human Health

Earth’s oceans are warming 13% faster than thought, and accelerating | John Abraham | Environment | The Guardian

John Abraham: Our new study improves estimates of the rate of ocean warming – a critical component of climate change

Source: Earth’s oceans are warming 13% faster than thought, and accelerating | John Abraham | Environment | The Guardian

New Zealand earthquake: Cows stranded on island of land saved by rescuers, local media say – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Three cows stranded on a small island of land after New Zealand’s powerful earthquake are rescued.

Source: New Zealand earthquake: Cows stranded on island of land saved by rescuers, local media say – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

2014 on track to be hottest year on record, World Meteorological Organisation says

Sun among the clouds

The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) says 2014 is on track to potentially be the hottest year on record.

The WMO’s provisional statement on the global climate found that record sea surface temperatures were likely to make this year one of – if not the – hottest on record.

It found the global air temperature between January and October was about half a degree above the pre-1990s average.

Sea surface temperatures were also at their highest ever levels, around half a degree above the 1961-to-1990 average.

Oceans absorb much of the excess heat trapped in the atmosphere, and the WMO said large areas of southern and western Australia were especially warm.

“If November and December maintain the same tendency, then 2014 will likely be the hottest on record, ahead of 2010, 2005 and 1998,” the WMO said in a statement.

“This confirms the underlying long-term warming trend.”

WMO secretary-general Michel Jarraud said there was no standstill in warming.

“The provisional information for 2014 means that 14 of the 15 warmest years on record have all occurred in the 21st century,” Mr Jarraud said.

“What we saw in 2014 is consistent with what we expect from a changing climate.

“Record-breaking heat combined with torrential rainfall and floods destroyed livelihoods and ruined lives.”

Mr Jarraud said high temperatures of vast areas of the ocean surface were of particular concern.

“Record high greenhouse gas emissions and associated atmospheric concentrations are committing the planet to a much more uncertain and inhospitable future,” he said.

I DIDN’T even finish my arts degree, but I still say that the Chief Scientist and two Nobel prize winners should pull their heads in.

The ABC and staff  are so above Newscorp and Andrew Bolt


“If you think arguments on global warming are best settled by credentials, then don’t read another word. I’m an idiot.”

Even Andrew Bolt get’s it right sometimes. He certainly didn’t finish his Arts Degree he barely started it and merely deprived someone else of the opportunity. It’s the idiot aspect that reveals itself and the lack of either rationality or balance.

“Viewers would have concluded no scientists question that the world is heating dangerously and man is to blame. The sceptical scientists I know personally must just be hoaxers.”

He sounds like a child ready to throw a tantrum not an adult open to a discussion.  On this topic it is  precisely what he is a moron.

Bolt doesn’t prove or disprove anything he merely states the obvious that there is a minority of scientists that don’t necessarily agree with all the results put forward by the majority for a case of Global Warming. But that’s the nature of science disagreement. You could argue because all the scientific errors made throughout history is the reason science and the world progressed.  Bolt offers no alternative to progress and investigation. The majority of climate scientists seem to believe there is a necessary reason to move foward.

Bolt the self-confessed idiot only believes in  incontrovertible laws of which there are very few. Not Newton, Not Einstein, Not Quantum Physics so the idiot is simply asking for the impossible. If one believes money and power influence science then  the skeptics certainly exemplify the conservatives, much the same as flat earthers did in their day. The majority of scientists are progressives as their results demand a necessary change foward  which however sits against the financial interests of Capital. Why would the most rational thinkers of the world ask the most wealthiest to change? After all isn’t that where their finance ultimately comes from?

Bolt doesn’t broach the question  he merely uses it as a vehicle to have ago at the ABC as a leftist organization with some bias against his  fatuous  conservative position. The man failed his Arts degree he didn’t just  finish it.

His side of the capitalist ledger always turns to the maintenance of profit  to justify  reasons not to change. The ABC in 1984 had a budget of approx $900 mill today it’s $800 mill and has 84% support of the Australian population. More importantly 80% believe in its integrity. That alone places it so far in front of  Newscorp and Bolt it’s lickspittle