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Capitol Police Officers Blast GOP Refusal To Investigate Jan 6th – UPDATED | Crooks and Liars

Capitol Police Officers Blast GOP Refusal To Investigate Jan 6th - UPDATED

The men and women who put their lives on the line to protect Congressmembers during the January 6 insurrection are ticked off that “back the blue” Republicans are trying to cover up what happened.

Source: Capitol Police Officers Blast GOP Refusal To Investigate Jan 6th – UPDATED | Crooks and Liars

North Carolina Deputies Shot Andrew Brown Jr. Five Times, Autopsy Finds | HuffPost

Wayne Kendall, one of the lawyers representing the family of Andrew Brown Jr., points to an autopsy chart that his team condu

Andrew Brown Jr., a Black man killed by deputies in North Carolina, was shot five times, including in the back of the head, according to an independent autopsy report released Tuesday by his family’s attorneys. Also Tuesday, the FBI announced a federal civil rights investigation into last week’s shooting of Brown by deputies serving drug-related search and arrest warrants. The developments come amid increasing calls for the release of body camera footage, including formal petitions to make the video public that will be considered by a judge on Wednesday. The autopsy was performed Sunday by a pathologist hired by Brown’s family. The exam noted four wounds to the right arm and one to the head. The state’s autopsy has not been released yet.

Source: North Carolina Deputies Shot Andrew Brown Jr. Five Times, Autopsy Finds | HuffPost

‘These Officers Should Be Fired and Indicted’: Outrage After Rochester Police Pepper Spray Handcuffed 9-Year-Old Child | Common Dreams News

Bodycam video released by the Rochester Police Department shows officers pepper spraying a 9-year-old girl after handcuffing her. (Image: Screenshot/Rochester Police Dept. footage)
Defund Police they are untrained to handle Family disputes

Outrage erupted and the phrase “She’s 9” was trending on social media early Monday after body-cam video footage emerged of police in Rochester, New York violently abusing a 9-year-old girl—including handcuffing her and then pepper-spraying her in the face while in the back of a cruiser. “This is your last chance, or pepper spray’s going in your eyeballs,” one female officer tells the young girl, handcuffed and sitting on the edge of the police car’s back seat during events that took place Friday. According to reporting, the police had responded to a family dispute but what resulted was a horrifying scene of multiple officers abusing a clearly traumatized and emotionally distressed young girl. “I want my dad,” the girl can be heard crying to the female officer. The girl later says, “No! You said you were gonna pepper-spray me. No, please, stop!”

‘These Officers Should Be Fired and Indicted’: Outrage After Rochester Police Pepper Spray Handcuffed 9-Year-Old Child | Common Dreams News

Cop drives motorcycle into Portland BLM protester after being surrounded by crowd at traffic stop (VIDEO) — RT USA News

Cop drives motorcycle into Portland BLM protester after being surrounded by crowd at traffic stop (VIDEO)

A Portland police officer has been filmed dragging a Black Lives Matter protester several feet as demonstrators blocked his motorcycle after a vehicle fled a traffic stop.

Cop drives motorcycle into Portland BLM protester after being surrounded by crowd at traffic stop (VIDEO) — RT USA News

Killed in a “Wellness Check”: Why Cops Shouldn’t Police Mental Health

Andrew Ocasio, left, Sandy Guardiola, center, and Alysa Ocasio, right.

Her death, and the lack of any accountability for it, make clear the response to the slogan chanted again and again by protesters at police: “Who do you protect? Who do you serve?” The answer is very few people indeed.

Killed in a “Wellness Check”: Why Cops Shouldn’t Police Mental Health

Atlanta Police Chief Resigns After Cops Fatally Shoot Black Man At Wendy’s Restaurant (UPDATE) | HuffPost Australia


Restaurant (UPDATE)
Police shot and killed Rayshard Brooks, 27, after they responded to a call about someone sleeping in a car. Video shows Brooks running away before he was shot.

via Atlanta Police Chief Resigns After Cops Fatally Shoot Black Man At Wendy’s Restaurant (UPDATE) | HuffPost Australia

The Other Looters: We’ve Just witnessed a Nationwide Police Riot, Fueled by Trump’s talk of “Terrorists”

Why doesn’t this distress us? Why do we see this as “normal? (ODT)

via The Other Looters: We’ve Just witnessed a Nationwide Police Riot, Fueled by Trump’s talk of “Terrorists”

Police Brutality Against Protesters Only Stoked the Anti–Police Brutality Movement

Credit for the unprecedented wave of mass protests should go to anti-police brutality activists, movement journalists, and politicized young people. But let’s not forget the boys in blue themselves: cops’ vicious treatment of protesters proved to millions around the world that the protesters were right.

via Police Brutality Against Protesters Only Stoked the Anti–Police Brutality Movement

Police officer faces disciplinary action over crude ‘EAD Hippy’ sticker

Victoria Police is investigating this officer who wore an 'EAD Hippy' sticker during the protests.

It has been suggested there is a video showing this same officer more than enthusiastically beating a defenceless protestor with his baton for little or no cause. If this is the case is he the role model for the new recruitment campaign for 3000 more  in Victoria? (ODT

via Police officer faces disciplinary action over crude ‘EAD Hippy’ sticker

Thrown, punched in the head: Doctor who tried to help bleeding man claims police turned on her

Dr Kim Proudlove's injuries after the alleged police assault.

The gang Murdoch’s News Corp tends to protect. In many cases it’s not juniors that are the aggressors but senior members regarded as role models. (ODT)

Thrown, punched in the head: Doctor who tried to help bleeding man claims police turned on her

Inflation nightclub shooting investigation stagnates one year on

A 12-month investigation by Victoria Police and the state’s corruption watchdog has been unable to explain why a young couple attending a swingers party in Melbourne’s CBD were repeatedly shot by heavily armed officers as they engaged in a sex act.

Fairfax Media can reveal that the couple have not been spoken to by anyone from the Armed Crime Squad or the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission since they provided statements immediately after the shooting at Inflation nightclub on July 8 last year.

The delay has allegedly exacerbated the trauma of Zita Sukys, 38, and Dale Ewins, 36, who was accused by senior police of pointing a fake gun at members of the critical incident response team but has still not been charged with any offence.
Dale Ewins and Zita Sukys.

Dale Ewins and Zita Sukys.
Photo: Supplied

Concerns have also emerged about Victoria Police’s ability to independently investigate the conduct of its own officers when the force has already claimed in legal documents that the shooting was “lawful self-defence.”

via Inflation nightclub shooting investigation stagnates one year on

A Cop Remained On Duty Until A Second Video Of A Police Car Hitting An Indigenous Teen Went Public

A senior Western Australian police officer has been stood down from active duty after additional footage showing a police car running into an Indigenous teenager on Sunday emerged.
NITV News / Via

NITV News yesterday published a video which shows an unmarked police car in the Western Australian town of Thornlie swerving across the road toward William Farmer, an 18-year-old Indigenous man.
The car hits Farmer who then falls onto the footpath, turns on his side and appears to start convulsing.


“A WA Police Force officer at the centre of an internal investigation into an incident in Thornlie has been stood down,” the state’s police media unit said in a statement provided to BuzzFeed News.

“The action was taken … following the provision to police of additional footage of the incident.”
Video that initially emerged earlier this week showed an unmarked police car hitting the teenager, but new video obtained by NITV News gave a clearer view of the incident.
Mervyn Eades/Facebook / Via Facebook: video.php


A Cop Remained On Duty Until A Second Video Of A Police Car Hitting An Indigenous Teen Went Public

Queensland Police’s Orwellian ‘Fixated Persons Unit’

According to the official brochures, the Queensland Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (QFTAC) is an agency staffed by Queensland Police officers and clinicians from the Queensland Forensic Mental Health Service to identify people who are thought to “fixate” on government officials and other public identities.

Thank goodness, the QFTAC assures us, all this is not just a means of locking away political agitators and the agency has no interest in people who merely hold dissident political opinions.

via Queensland Police’s Orwellian ‘Fixated Persons Unit’

Houston PD Chief: Trump’s Support of Police Brutality Reinforces View of Officers as “Neanderthals” | Democracy Now!

President Donald Trump continues to face widespread criticism from police chiefs across the country following a speech he gave to police officers in Long Island, New York, that appeared to openly endorse police brutality. Commenting on the need to crack down on gang members, Trump suggested that police officers have license to use excessive force on suspects. For more, we speak with Houston’s police chief, Art Acevedo.Related SegmentMeet the Latino Police Chief Standing Up to Texas’ Anti-Immigrant ‘Show Me Your Papers Law’

Source: Houston PD Chief: Trump’s Support of Police Brutality Reinforces View of Officers as “Neanderthals” | Democracy Now!

Ali Fahour, former AFL diversity manager, charged over hit at suburban football match – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The AFL’s former diversity manager is charged with intentionally causing injury, recklessly causing injury and unlawful assault following an incident at a suburban football match in Melbourne.

Source: Ali Fahour, former AFL diversity manager, charged over hit at suburban football match – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The high-school dropout who turned ‘Murder Capital USA’ into a model of how to police a city | Voices | The Independent


As a life trajectory it takes some beating – even in the US, that land of eternal reinvention. At the age of 14 Cathy Lanier dropped out of high school. She was pregnant at 14, an unmarried mother at 15. Then at 23 she joined the police, starting as a beat patrolwoman. By the time she was 39, she had a couple of Masters degrees. More to the point, she was appointed chief of police of America’s capital, a white woman in charge of maintaining law and order in a city where blacks account for half the population.

Source: The high-school dropout who turned ‘Murder Capital USA’ into a model of how to police a city | Voices | The Independent

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Two Police Officers in Florida Forced to Step Down from Their Posts over Links with KKK AnonHQ

Two police officers have been removed from the police force in the state of Florida, United States, over allegations that they belong to a local branch of the White Supremacist group, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). According to the Fruitland Park police, Deputy Chief David …

Source: Two Police Officers in Florida Forced to Step Down from Their Posts over Links with KKK AnonHQ

[Watch] Cop Brutally Beats Black Teen For Riding Her Bike, Charges HER With Assault

By Matt Agorist / The Free Thought Project Tacoma, WA — On May 24, 2014, 15-year-old Monique Tillman and her brother were riding their bikes when they were stopped and this young girl was assaulted by Tacoma Police Officer Jared Williams. Tillman and her brother had done nothing wrong and were merely targeted by this ‘public servant’ because they had the unfortunate luck to have […]

Source: [Watch] Cop Brutally Beats Black Teen For Riding Her Bike, Charges HER With Assault

German Police Officers Take Off Helmets & Marched With German Citizens Against Rothschild European Central Bank ~ Validated. | Political Vel Craft


The German police took off their helmets and marched with the protesters- clearing the way for them. German police officers escort an anti- crony capitalism protest march with some 20,000 people in…

Source: German Police Officers Take Off Helmets & Marched With German Citizens Against Rothschild European Central Bank ~ Validated. | Political Vel Craft

Police In Thailand Lay Down Vests and Barricades In Solidarity With Protestors : Political Blind Spot

In a stunning turn of events today in Thailand, riot police yielded to the peaceful protesters they were ordered to harass and block. They police removed barricades and their helmets as a sign of s…

Source: Police In Thailand Lay Down Vests and Barricades In Solidarity With Protestors : Political Blind Spot

NYPD responds to New Zealand Police’s ‘Running Man’ dance challenge on social media – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A video of hip-shaking New Zealand police performing the Running Man dance has gone viral, with more than four million views.

Source: NYPD responds to New Zealand Police’s ‘Running Man’ dance challenge on social media – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Gory: Police Officers Fatally Gun Down Seattle Man Because He Looked Suspicious [Video] AnonHQ

Police officers from the Seattle Police Department (SPD) have fatally shot an African-American after they suspected him of reaching out for his handgun during a brief confrontation. The deceased, Che Taylor, is said to have a lengthy felony record, and was under supervision by the …

Source: Gory: Police Officers Fatally Gun Down Seattle Man Because He Looked Suspicious [Video] AnonHQ

Police say no guns were found in Sydney firearms raids – video | Australia news | The Guardian

Assistant police commissioner Mark Jenkins holds a press conference on Wednesday to discuss police raids which were held on two homes in the Merrylands area

Source: Police say no guns were found in Sydney firearms raids – video | Australia news | The Guardian

Bill Heffernan ‘paedophile list’ allegation: former royal commissioner James Wood hits back

One of the nation’s most senior legal figures has hit back at allegations by Bill Heffernan that he failed to properly investigate lawyers who attended a “boy brothel”.

Source: Bill Heffernan ‘paedophile list’ allegation: former royal commissioner James Wood hits back

Cop Shoots 95-Yr-Old World War II Veteran to Death in Assisted Living Center 161


UPDATE (1/17/15): Cop Claims 95-yr-old man was a “threat”

John Wrana was a brave man. He actually fought in one of the bloodiest wars America has seen, only to come back and be murdered by a coward (pictured above in the pink tie).

Unsurprisingly, Officer Taylor has relied on the defense that he “feared for his life” as a justification to pump five rounds into a feeble old man, according to the latest reports.

The Officer claimed that John Wrana was a “threat.”

“John Wrana was absolutely not an imminent threat, but a confused old man,” the prosecution argued in response.

The cops who use this slogan “I feared for my life” are common cowards and liars — they are the absolute lowest and most dishonorable members of society.

UPDATE: (1/13/15): Trial Begins for Cop Who Shot WW2 Veteran to Death.

Officer Taylor is being charged with reckless conduct, and has replied that he was “just doing his job.”

John Wrana fought for these cops to enjoy freedom, only to be shot by them at 95-yrs-old.

They then handcuffed him and snapped pictures of his body as he laid on the ground bleeding to death.

The trial began Tuesday, January 13th and the defense claims that John Wrana was threatening officers with a “deadly weapon.”

The cops claim that John had a knife, but John’s family said he had a cane, which he only needed to stand and support himself.

It is difficult to see how multiple cops with body armor and riot shields were threatened by this tiny old man to the point of having to shoot him to death.

One of the rounds from the shotgun blew the skin off John’s body, according to the prosecution. The 12 gauge shotgun was equipped with blunt force projectiles known as “bean bag rounds” which travel at 190 mph, and it was used to shoot John from less than eight feet away over and over again, causing his death. The full details and video continue below:

article-2385926-1B307EF9000005DC-868_306x423 CHICAGO — A 95-yr-old WWII veteran has been shot to death after refusing to provide a urine sample to staff at the hospital where he was staying.

The refusal eventually led staff to call the police and report him for being “combative.”

John Wrana, Jr., was just days away from celebrating his 96th birthday as one of the oldest living World War 2 veterans.

He was staying at the Park Forest Assisted Living Center in Park Forest, Illinois.

95-yr-old-WWII-veteran-John-Wrana-Jr. He was alone in his hospital room when the staff believed he was suffering from a urinary tract infection.

RELATED: US Soldier Gunned Down by Cop, Shot to Death as He Sat Unarmed in His Car

Police officers eventually showed up to the scene to try to get John to cooperate and take the urine sample.

They decided to use force on John since he refused to leave his room.

That’s when Officer Taylor pulled out his 12 gauge shotgun and opened fire on John.

He continued pumping five rounds into John’s body with bean bags from a distance of only six to eight feet away.

That distance is far less than the permissible distance for shooting people with “non-lethal” weapons, according to reports.

John Wrana fell to the ground and bled to death from the shotgun wounds, according to reports.

Good Cop Blew Whistle on Corrupt Superior, She Was Fired for It. He got Worse, Was Just Arrested

good cop bad cop

Former cop says she wasn’t surprised when she found out that her prior superior was just arrested for sexual assault, while on duty.

Dallas, TX– Officer David Kattner, a 26 year veteran of the Dallas Police Department was arrested in late December for sexually assaulting a woman on three separate occasions while in uniform and in his police vehicle.

The evening of his arrest, the officer had called the woman and told her where to meet him. The affidavit states that he had her perform a sex act on him while one of his hands was on his weapon and the other hand was down her pants, after showing her outstanding warrants and telling her he knew where her daughter lives.  The woman believed this to be a threat to her and her daughter’s safety and complied.

The detectives were already on the scene and were aware the assault was taking place as it happened.  Instead of stopping the attack, they waited until it was over and questioned the woman, who they describe as “a known prostitute,” as she went to leave the scene.

The 44 year old officer is currently on paid leave and out on bond as the investigation into his second degree felony continues.  Oddly, the department refused to release any photo of the officer or his mugshot, stating they will not release it during the “on-going investigation” despite it already having been published in D Magazine in 2007.

The department is asking for any additional victims to come forward, and unfortunately it is likely there are many, due to the department’s own negligence.

Back in 2006, a then rookie officer named Shanna Lopez was terminated after she came forward and told one of her trainers that Kattner and three other Central police officers had systematically mistreated prostitutes, WFAA reports.

“Those are real people,” Lopez said. “Each and every one of those people were not only degraded and humiliated and targeted and hunted on a nightly basis for years.”

Rookie officers go through several months of field training, and Lopez’ first trainer was Kattner.  She alleges that she witnessed him filling out blank citations on prostitutes for minor violations like jaywalking before even leaving the station each evening.

Lopez explains that he was “seeding the field” with class C citations that would later become warrants.  Kattner kept a notepad in his shirt pocket with the names of prostitutes and street-level criminals he regularly saw, as he needed to keep information such as their addresses and date of birth handy to complete the illegal citations.

From February 2006 through July 2006 over a quarter of the citations written by Kattner and three of his buddies were issued “at large” or “refused to sign.”

She describes Kattner and the two others as being obsessed with prostitutes, who were easy targets for them.

She explained to D Magazine in June of 2007 an evening where she was out with Kattner and an officer Nelson who had just taken a prostitute into the back of his police vehicle for a game he called “64 questions,” meant to demean the women.

“Give me the four reasons why you hate to f— niggers.” “Give me the four reasons you hate to f— spics.” “What are the three things you like to do every day?” he would ask.

After releasing the woman, Nelson told Lopez, “They know the routine. They do what we tell them. You break them down like that, and they’ll do anything you want. They’ll come when you snap your fingers.”


Eventually she brought what was happening up to a subsequent trainer, who explained that they cannot do that, and that it is illegal to write citations for people you never stopped or detained.

“He was like, why would he use that to write tickets, because usually you have someone in your custody and you write a ticket and there they go. I was like, ‘I don’t know; he’d write four or five tickets a night before we’d ever leave the station and then write a few more when we would be at Lew Sterrett while I’d be typing up my jail report, turn them in at the end of the night .’ He said he was the number one ticket writer at Central.”

The trainer told a sergeant what Lopez told him, and that’s when she claims everything changed and she began to be treated as though she was incompetent. She was called into a meeting with her current trainer and Sergeant Deborah Ann Branton where she was intensely scolded and told she has done nothing right.  It was boggling, as she had received praise previously.

“I’ve heard you’ve been going around talking about illegal arrests and other activities by other officers,” Lopez recalls Sergeant Deborah Ann Branton saying.

Branton then proceeded to ask her if  she ever tape-recorded any of the conversations.  Unfortunately, Lopez had not.  After she left the meeting she overheard Branton saying “This should be easy. Gayle did a good job of documenting it.”

Shortly before being terminated, Lopez was confronted by Kattner outside of Central Patrol.

“He said he had heard that I was going around saying he was writing tickets to people that don’t exist,” Lopez told WFAA. “He was like, ‘I will hunt you down and hurt you.’”

Lopez was terminated without proper explanation in October of 2006, despite having a glowing record and even receiving a commendation two days before her demotion in August.

After Lopez came forward another whistleblower came forward and two of Kattner’s buddies were fired, a third suspended, over their ticket writing scheme.  Kattner faced zero repercussions.

According to WFAA, Lopez also was allowed to reapply to the department after signing a 10-page settlement agreeing not to sue the department over her earlier termination. She was rejected for rehire after background investigators wrote a detailing memo claiming — among other things — that she associated with gang members and street criminals and had dated a neighbor who was a gang member.

The December 17, 2007 memo stated that gang unit officers had obtained sworn affidavits attesting to those facts. But those affidavits were dated January 9, 2008 — more than three weeks after the date of that memo. Police officials told News 8 that they are looking into the date discrepancy.

Lopez denies the allegations detailed in the memo. She believes the department never had any intention of rehiring her.

It is truly unfortunate that honesty and being a decent human within the ranks is such dangerous business.  The thin blue line makes calling out corruption something that can be done by only the truly brave and heroic, which many departments seem to be lacking.  It is also unfortunate that the officers who are protected by their peers face no consequences and thus have no reason to modify their behavior.

Last month we reported on a heroic officer in Buffalo, NY who was punched in the face and fired after she stopped a fellow cop from choking a handcuffed man. The officer who assaulted her and the handcuffed man kept his job.  He went on to later assault two other officers and was indicted for civil rights violations against four black teenagers.

Its time to start placing the discipline where it is deserved.

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Video goes viral: Police accused of using heavy force on woman arrested in Sydney’s Kings Cross. It seems this woman attacked the police according to the charges laid. The police were just innocent bystanders with weapons.

Police detain woman

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Senior police have fended off accusations that officers were heavy handed during the arrest of a woman at Sydney’s Kings Cross.

Three men and the woman have been charged over the alleged assault of a taxi driver and female police officer on Bayswater Road, Kings Cross at 1:45am (AEDT) on Wednesday.

According to police the group had started arguing with the driver over a service charge on the meter and got out of the vehicle.

When the taxi driver got out too, he was allegedly punched by one of the men.

The driver flagged down a passing police car and officers said the group then became aggressive towards them.

A video of the arrest was filmed on a mobile phone and widely shared on social media.

It shows two female police officers trying to arrest a struggling woman.

The woman is hit repeatedly with a police baton and voices can be heard shouting “let her go” and “she’s not resisting arrest”.

Arrests can get ‘physical’

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said he was made aware of the incident this morning.

“I understand that there was an assault involved and the police were called there,” he said.

“It was on the basis that somebody had been assaulted.

Warning: This video contains graphic material and offensive language.

“There was obviously the need for the police to arrest those that were involved.

“One of my officers has been assaulted, I think the [alleged] offender has been charged, there are a number that are before the courts.

“We’re going to have to let the courts sort that out but at this stage from my perspective we’re better off to let the courts do what they have to do.”

Commissioner Scipione said while he had not yet seen the footage, generally speaking things could get physical during an arrest.

“But having said that, let’s face it, police that are involved in making arrests where somebody’s been assaulted, often they are very heated and you can be sure that from time to time they get very physical,” he said.

“If there has been an overuse of force you can be sure the courts will take that into consideration. They’ll examine it.”

He said it was too early to say if police would launch their own investigation into the incident.

“Let’s keep this in perspective. This is before the courts and the courts will be making a decision and I’m sure that if there’s a complaint that’s been made we’ll investigate it.”

The three men and woman have been charged with a range of offences including assaulting a police officer, assault, affray and resisting arrest.

They have been granted bail and will face court on January 6.

America’s epidemic of killer cops: Why would cops in America shoot, strangle, or beat to death an unarmed person? Answer: Because they can.


America's epidemic of killer cops. 54053.jpeg

It is a sad reality in today’s America that cops can not only do these things with immunity and impunity, they can actually do them in front of thousands, sometimes millions, of witnesses, and still get away with it.

Don’t take my word for it.  Look at the horrific beating death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless man in Fullerton, California.  Videotaped evidence showed six (yes six) cops beating an unarmed Thomas as he begged for his life.  According to the Website Police State USA, some of these officers are laughing after the incident, and one even boasts about hitting Thomas “probably twenty times in the face with [his] Taser.”

Yet, in an all too predictable pattern, a jury of idiots acquitted the cops charged in Thomas’s death.

Although protests erupted after this egregious verdict, both Thomas’s death and its aftermath failed to receive the extensive media coverage that has been devoted to the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.  Some have argued that this is because Thomas was white, so his case lacked the racial elements America’s corporate-controlled media love to exploit for ratings and profits.

But even though the media may be guilty of selectively promoting stories of police brutality based upon their racial components, it should also be remembered that these same media are equally complicit in making African-Americans the “face of crime,” thus fueling an environment of suspicion and fear that often causes African-Americans to be treated more harshly by police, prosecutors, and judges, and for crimes committed against them to be taken less seriously.

If there is one positive that can be salvaged from the events in Ferguson, it is that alleged cases of excessive force and police brutality that did not influence national news like the Brown killing are now being revisited.  According to the Los Angeles Times, South Bend Tribune, and Huffington Post, other victims include James Boyd, a homeless man who was shot by police in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Amadou Diallo, an innocent man who was shot nineteen times in New York City after being mistaken for a fugitive; Samantha Ramsey, shot to death by a sheriff’s deputy in Boone County, Kentucky; Christopher Moreland, who was, according to a federal judge, beaten “mercilessly” by two cops in St. Joseph County, Indiana; and Jonathan Ferrell, shot ten times by a Charlotte, North Carolina police officer while looking for help after a traffic accident.


Sadly, the names on this list could go on, but the message is clear:  In all these cases, except for Ferrell’s, either the killings were ruled to be justified, prosecutors and/or grand juries refused to indict, or the cops were acquitted of any wrongdoing.  And in Ferrell’s case, it actually required a second grand jury to secure an indictment because the first apparently thought “voluntary manslaughter” was too severe a charge for a white police officer who gunned down an unarmed African-American.

Which raises two more questions:  How and why?

The “How” is simple.  Investigations of excessive force follow predictable patterns.  First, there is the “investigation” (aka cover-up).  In this phase, cops seize cellphones and other videos from witnesses as “evidence,” to ensure the media and public don’t have access to them.  Then police reports, stories, and testimony are fabricated to ensure an officer’s actions comport with existing laws regarding use of force.  Next, all officers are coached to get their stories straight, and to conceal any evidence that contradicts the “official” version.

Then comes the prosecutor’s role.  In America, most county prosecutors are elected officials.  As such, they usually campaign on the basis of their “conviction rates,” and/or being “tough on crime.”  The office of prosecutor often segues into opportunities to obtain higher political offices or judgeships.  But achieving these ambitions requires a symbiotic relationship with the police; therefore, prosecutors will do nothing to injure that relationship, and anything to maintain it.

So if victims of police brutality and/or excessive force survive their ordeals, they are likely to be charged with a plethora of imaginary crimes.  The prosecutor then tells the victim that the charges will be dropped if he/she agrees to not take further action against the police.  If the victim refuses this “deal,” the prosecutor will work zealously to obtain a bogus guilty verdict, to not only “justify” what the cops did, but also to weaken any potential civil lawsuit the victim might file.  If a police brutality and/or excessive force victim dies, all the better, because only the cops are around to tell their well-rehearsed version of events.

If prosecutors are concerned about the political fallout from refusing to indict cops accused of using excessive force, they will frequently conceal their biases behind a so-called “grand jury.”  Evidence and testimony presented to a grand jury is largely in the control of a prosecutor and thus can be extremely one-sided, leading many in the legal profession to joke that a prosecutor could obtain a grand jury indictment against a grapefruit with little difficulty.

This is why many in Ferguson, and throughout America, are looking askance at the grand jury verdict in the Michael Brown case, and how prosecutorial bias favoring the police might have affected how testimony and/or evidence was presented.

What a grand jury really does is give prosecutors a facade to hide behind.  They can face the public with a, “Gee whiz, it’s not my fault an indictment wasn’t issued.  It was the grand jury’s decision.”

On those extremely rare occasions when cops are actually put on trial for using excessive force, it is almost a certainty that defense attorneys will be blessed with a panel of jurors who view every cop as Andy of Mayberry, and therefore will readily swallow canned arguments about how police officers have dangerous jobs and risk their lives to protect the public; how these officers were simply “following their training”; and how the person they injured or killed was being “non-compliant,” “combative,” and/or “appeared to be reaching for a weapon.”

The answer to the “Why” question is a little more complex.

I have argued in several previous Pravda.Ru articles that America’s so-called “legal system” is not designed to obtain truth, nor is it concerned with even the most rudimentary principles of right and wrong.  In fact, the “system” will work harder to perpetuate and rationalize injustice than it will to obtain justice, and will almost always ignore, and in some cases even reward, criminality that serves it.

But juries are only exposed to the system on a case by case basis.  So why do so many of them routinely excuse actions by cops (and wannabe cops like George Zimmerman) that would cause them revulsion and outrage if committed by civilians?

As I suggested above, one problem is the media-created perception that causes white, middle class Americans to fear crime more than they fear interactions with the police, and to associate criminality with racial minorities.  Racial minorities, however, while sharing this fear of crime, must also struggle with the burden of being automatically perceived as criminals by the police, because of their skin color, dress, hair style, music, and/or location where they happen to be walking or driving.

Another problem is the fear of acknowledging police brutality.  Several of the alleged excessive force victims I’ve discussed in this article were white, so it is evident that nobody is exempt from being victimized by police brutality.

But that is a discomforting scenario to live with.  People do not want to believe that a late-night trip to the grocery store, or a stroll through a parking lot (Kelly Thomas), driving home from a party (Samantha Ramsey), or seeking assistance after a traffic accident (Jonathan Ferrell) can result in an encounter with police that ends in their death.  So the natural instinct is to blame the victims of police brutality, to find something, anything, no matter how minute, that can be used to rationalize a cop’s actions.

Lastly, and perhaps most tragically, is the belief that some people are disposable.  Predominantly white, middle class juries, whether they consciously admit it or not, may not consider the life of a racial minority, or a homeless person, to have the same value as theirs.

The final question that many are reluctant to discuss is “Who really wants to be a cop?”  After all, some of the canned arguments used by defense attorneys have undeniable veracity:  Cops do have dangerous jobs, and they routinely witness the worst in human behavior.

There are (with some exceptions) usually two types of people who want to be police officers:  Bullies who desire the power over others being a police officer brings; and idealists who enter the profession with the noblest of intentions, but eventually find themselves succumbing to a bitterness and disillusionment that compels them to either cover-up for the bullies or become one.  This means that incidents of police brutality and/or excessive force frequently evolve from egotistical anger against individuals whose only “crime” is disrespecting a cop’s authority.

The reason so many cops go unpunished is because those who control America’s so-called “criminal justice” system fear that punishing cops for their criminality will not only result in the loss of officers currently employed, but also discourage others from wanting to become cops.

In other words, ignoring, excusing, or covering up incidents of police brutality and/or excessive force are considered by those in power to be acceptable alternatives to having a shortage of police officers.

The irony is that all the cops, prosecutors, and jurors willing to ignore, excuse, or cover-up police brutality and/or excessive force are not doing society any favors.  They are causing all cops, not just the bullies, to be viewed as corrupt, brutal, and racist; they are fueling a cynicism that reduces the public trust and cooperation so essential to solving crimes; and they are further dividing America along racial and economic lines.

David R. Hoffman

Legal Editor

Wisc. Police Come To Man’s Home, Arrest Him For Calling Them Racists On Facebook : Coming our way Australia. Even more Scott Morrison can make you stateless.

Wisc. Police Come To Man's Home, Arrest Him For Calling Them Racists On Facebook

A federal lawsuit filed by a Wisconsin man alleges that Arena police violated his civil rights by charging him for calling officers racists on Facebook.

A federal lawsuit filed by a Wisconsin man alleges that Arena police violated his civil rights by charging him for calling officers racists on Facebook.

In 2012, Thomas G. Smith had seen an Arena Police Department Facebook post thanking community members for helping to detain two black children. Smith responded with a profanity-laced message about how Arena officers were racists.

A federal lawsuit obtained by the StarTribune said that Officer Nicholas Stroik had deleted Smith’s comments, and the comments of others who accused police of targeting suspects based on race.

Smith then received a call from officers, who wanted to know if he had posted the comment. Smith replied that he had posted the Facebook message, and that he had meant it.

That night, officers arrested him at his home in Arena. He was charged with disorderly conduct and unlawful use of computerized communications.

Prosecutors asserted that his words had not been protect by the First Amendment of the Constitution because they could incite violence. Smith was convicted, and sentenced to probation with community service.

But in July, a state appellate judge overturned the case on the grounds that the Supreme Court’s so-called “fighting words doctrine” only applied when the speaker was in close proximity to the listener. The judge ruled that Smith’s Facebook messages should have been protected under the First Amendment.

Smith’s lawsuit alleges that the officers retaliated against him. He is seeking legal fees and unspecified damages. The lawsuit noted that his arrest could have the effect of chilling free speech, and that the department only chose to delete Facebook messages that were critical of officers.

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