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Greed is the problem, not workers – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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Removing obscene profits for executives and shareholders as the driving force of corporations would be a start. A fairer division of the spoils is necessary to keep society functioning. This might need to be achieved by higher taxes on the top tier since they don’t seem to understand the crisis their never-sated greed has created.

Source: Greed is the problem, not workers – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Old Dog Thought- Guy is the reason why Andrews is the Preferred Premier 48 to 34%. Over the long term he gets things done for the future

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Drug Lobby Asks Biden to Punish Countries Pushing for Low-Cost Vaccines

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - 2021/03/03: A healthcare worker holds a vial of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine during the first phase of the country nationwide vaccination drive at the Hospital UiTM in Sungai Buloh, outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. (Photo by Wong Fok Loy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

administration is being asked to punish Hungary, Colombia, Chile, and other countries for seeking to ramp up the production of Covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics without express permission from pharmaceutical companies. The sanctions are being urged by the drug industry, which has filed hundreds of pages of documents to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative outlining the alleged threat posed by any effort to challenge “basic intellectual property protections” in the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Drug Lobby Asks Biden to Punish Countries Pushing for Low-Cost Vaccines

Coronavirus vaccines: How Donald Trump could affect a global rollout

Does he even know China exists and is delivering a 97% cures Freezing not required to 17 countries as he speaks

Donald Trump’s days in the White House are numbered, but that has not stopped him from advancing his administration’s ‘America First’ approach. The outgoing President wants to limit the world’s access to a coronavirus vaccine so that Americans take priority and are first in line to get the jab. He held a vaccine summit at the White House on Wednesday morning (Australian time) and signed an executive order. It was to ensure “Americans have first priority to receive American vaccines”, Mr Trump said.

Coronavirus vaccines: How Donald Trump could affect a global rollout

Universities increase profits at low-paid workers’ expense

Universities have become institutions whose primary aim is to make money, in particular by attracting more high paying overseas students than their competitors and cutting back on labor costs of both academic staff and support services.

Source: Universities increase profits at low-paid workers’ expense

Conservatives, neoliberalism and the projection of greed

why the people who run the world think everyone is else is also avaricious, just like themselves.

The people who run the world mostly call themselves conservatives, but are really radicals of the most rapacious kind. They have built up a vast armoury of dogma to justify their sociopathic level of greed.

As economist John Kenneth Galbraith wrote:

‘The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.’

Neoclassical economics and its ideological offshoot, neoliberalism, provide the bedrock of this dogma.

It provides, indeed, one of the fundamental assumptions of modern economics: “rational self-interest”, or “market theory”. It is the theory that everyone always works to maximise their self-interest — to do otherwise would be “irrational”.

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The Merchants of Venality – » The Australian Independent Media Network


So let’s finish by describing the venality of our political system. For all political parties, winning is all that counts. With it comes power, privileges, influence, prestige, and of course, money!

Time and again we have seen our leaders propose measures that serve their aims, or promote their entrenched ideologies, rather than the common good. Whenever a leader looks generous, whenever a politician offers something that seems too good to be true, you can be sure it is. Look behind the show of generosity and goodwill and you will see what’s in it for them. You’ll always find the reward they expect. Political parties are open to bribery – they are venal. They accept donations that are nothing more than bribes to gain an advantage, no matter whom it disadvantages.

The vengeful Tony Abbott habitually exhibited venality. He instituted inquiries and a Royal Commission hoping to nail Julia Gillard, Bill Shorten, and the unions. The courts have thrown out all charges arising out of these witch-hunts. Millions were wasted. Abbott failed ingloriously. His successor is not much better. His most recent venality is the deliberate timing of the upcoming by-elections to advantage the Coalition and disadvantage Labor.

Politicians are merchants of venality, and everyone knows they are, even the millennials, as this Deloitte study shows.

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Small government, like communism, might sound like a good idea but they are lambs for slaughter on the altar of greed – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Deregulation, self-regulation, red tape, green tape, nanny state, small government, privatisation, asset recycling, compliance costs, free market, one-stop shop – these are some of the phrases religiously chanted by big business, and echoed by conservative think tanks and governments, with a certainty that smacks of zealotry.

We are told that the private sector is more efficient so we outsource service provision to them. We sell off valuable assets and profitable government-owned enterprises. We remove regulatory oversight and streamline approval processes.

We sack public servants, urge wage restraint, remove penalty rates, freeze the superannuation guarantee and hobble collective bargaining.

We provide so many concessions for the owners of capital and assets that they end up paying little to no tax. We encourage exports whilst enduring shortages at home. We provide a guarantee for the banks to protect them from the financial turmoil afflicting the rest of the world. We have a whole government department dedicated to making sure the private sector does not face unfair competition from the public sector.

And still, even as companies continue to announce record profits, it’s not enough – they want more.

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