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Charities pay top dollar for dinner with Gladys Berejiklian despite regulator’s no-no to political donations

Charities pay top dollar for dinner with Gladys Berejiklian despite regulator’s no-no to political donations by Michael West | Oct 15, 2020 | Business The Liberal Party is harvesting tens of thousands of dollars in donations from registered children’s charities and charities for the disabled. Michael West reports.

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Big business: Legally avoiding tax the Australian way

the system is designed by the lackeys of those who have an interest as a class in not paying tax, or in paying as little as possible. The argument that companies “pay all the tax as legally required” fails to address the question of why the tax system is rigged in their favour.

Speaking of political influence, it is interesting to note that some of the big contributors to the political coffers of the Coalition are also companies which pay no tax.

As Gareth Hutchens and Nick Evershed reported in The Guardian:

… the Greens have pointed out at least eight of the largest companies paid more money in donations to the Labor and Liberal and National parties in 2016-17 than they paid in corporate tax that year.

Chevron paid $82,228 in political donations in 2016-17, Origin Energy $103,574, Woodside Petroleum $279,000, Whitehaven Coal $30,000, and Santos $102,516, but none of them paid corporate tax that year.

Even when they are making a loss (either because of market conditions or tax avoidance or other circumstances) should big business not be paying a contribution, such as an operating fee or licence perhaps to the rest of us? This could be based on their gross income for the privilege of carrying on business here, and using the infrastructure, educated workforce and other benefits paid for by our taxes.

 They do elsewhere (ODT)

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Now everyone admits it: political donations buy access and influence

Market research for the Minerals Council has shown it is viewed less favourably than the coal sector it was accused of ...

And the politicians insist the money comes with no strings attached: it does not buy access or influence or favours or votes. But it does save taxpayers the cost of financing those election campaigns themselves.

Now the facade is slipping.

Like the government’s new independent parliamentary expenses authority – or a potential federal anti-corruption body – publicly funded campaigns would be another burden on long-suffering taxpayers.

But if we care about the integrity of our democracy we need to invest in it.

Simply put did Turnbull buy his primeministership? and who is he beholden to?

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Bill O’Reilly: “I Never Bought” That Fox Is “The Conservative Network”


Bill O’Reilly Doesn’t Believe Fox News Leans Right


News Corp., donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association for the express purpose of defeating Democratic candidates. Asked for comment, News Corp.’s spokesman cited his support for “the RGA’s pro-business agenda.”

And now, the network’s most-watched host is calling the network “anti-liberal,” and the network’s website is trumpeting the column in which he makes the claim.

As Eric Boehlert said on MSNBC, there is “no daylight” between Fox News and the GOP, “and they don’t apparently care who knows it.”