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Did Scott Morrison really stop the boats?

In short, the Government’s offshore detention policy makes no rational sense and therefore we must look at the political reasons for its existence. It then becomes clear that asylum seekers are simply being used for political gain and are political prisoners of the Australian Government.

Are Australians satisfied with innocent people being imprisoned in their name? Is this what we want in a government? If the Government thought Australians did not want them to put asylum seekers in offshore detention, then they wouldn’t, since their reasons for doing so are purely political. Therefore, we should ask ourselves whether we want to let the Government continue believing that this is what Australians want, effectively sending a message to the world that we are a racist country? Do we want to live in a society that collectively abuses the human rights of asylum seekers?

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Fascism: History Repeats, Again – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Definitions of fascism tend to sound like neoliberalism’s mission statement, listing elements critical to the business model of … call them what you will: the wealthy elites, the one percent, the military/industrial complex, the economic rationalists, the political hard right, the corporate predators of neoliberalism … in other words, those who profit from chaos.

Socialism to fascists is what Kryptonite is to Superman. Fascists hate socialism, communism, even conservatism, which can appear too moderate in the eyes of these far-right bully boys. To fascists, concepts such as “human rights” and “social justice” are irrelevant.

Aspiring fascists prowl the corridors and back alleys of our federal parliament and public service.

Home Affairs, Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton presides over a vast portfolio which, it could be argued, places too much power over others in the hands of one man.

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