Australia must lift game to be competitive – Michael West

Morrison and Frydenberg were electioneering and telling us we have recovered and are now the best nation on the planet. We’re not! We don’t manufacture anymore. Not even our own cars since Abbott closed the industry down. Morrison wants us to be a top 10 “arms” manufacturer and the world’s biggest fossil fuel exporter. Mining took us up those 3 notches to 19th. All of which is at a cost that spells the death of the planet and the environment. Maybe Australia needs to lift its game and become less competitive in terms of old standards and find new ones to judge itself on.

We are a resource-rich nation like no other of sun, wind, and oceans and have the potential to be less destructive of our flora fauna land, and the planet on which we rely. We need to become a 23rd-century Indigenous nation.

Frydenbergs “great Fundamentals

Australia’s strong trade performance and pandemic recovery has elevated the nation’s international competitiveness by three spots to 19th in a global survey of 63 countries.

This came after Australia fell to its lowest ranking in 25 years in 2021, the Institute for Management Development World Competitiveness Yearbook showed on Tuesday.

However, the Committee for Economic Development of Australia think tank has warned Australia’s future competitiveness is not assured without lifting its game in a number of areas.

This includes technology, energy, skills and training, entrepreneurship, tax and productivity.

Australia’s worst ranking was in the entrepreneurship category, standing at 61 out of the 63 countries, while workplace productivity tumbled from 20 to 41.

Source: Australia must lift game to be competitive – Michael West