Myanmar’s Russian backing is unleashing hell on its own people

Border mark: Just across the border from north-west Thailand, Burmese civilians and resistance fighters have been left to fend for themselves.

Morrison’s ambition is to join the Industrial Military Complex not just a consumer but a producer for the purpose business and profit. The 20  Bushmasters are weapons to boast about, election propaganda. They might get to Ukraine in 3-7 weeks if sent 3 at a time. Our 70k tons of coal well that promise seems to have totally faded into the background like so many of Morrison’s announced “gunnas”.

Our two-faced duplicitous Morrison is currently supporting Putin by washing, laundering, and disguising the the assistance he’s giving  to Russia through his grand FTA with India. They continue to trade with Putin, and don’t sanction or vote against him in any way. On the other hand, Scott Morrison and Dutton is very vocal about China’s doing the same, abstaining to vote against Russia at the UN. Even if silent Morrison’s current choice to trade with India is to trade with Putin.

However, 14 months after generals seized power from Aung San Suu Kyi’s democratically elected government, they have elevated their offensive to a new, frightening scale.

Source: Myanmar’s Russian backing is unleashing hell on its own people

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