Julia Banks: When voting for ‘the devil you know’ isn’t good enough

Portrait of Julia Banks

How many Liberals does it take to change their leader when the decision making structure of the party has swung Right? More than dozen members in this current parliament seem to have decided that Morrison wasn’t suitable and resigned? Liberals across Australia and particularly in Morrisons State of NSW are abandoning the Party like never before. Religious groups aren’t run on Democratic principles and Morrison and neither is the Liberal Party any longer.

Morrison is a diehard Pentacostalist Brian Houston his mentor and more than anyone else Morrison has introduced its evangelical leadership style and principles into our political debate and he did it from the get go declaring us to be a Christian Nation.

Like Trump he’s applied “captain’s picks” to this election not representative ones. Liberals are abandoning their membership of the party the way Republicans are in the U.S because of the abandonment of Democracy and rising Autocracy. However, in their abandonment they’re handing it to Evangelicals who have foregone belief in Seperation of Powers the very core of a Multicultural Democratic State. It’s those very fanatics Morrison appoints and appeals to like Deves in Warringah. He supports those against LGBTQIs and specifically Trans. His Religious Discrimination Bill is a fight back against Marriage Equality, the role of women and their place in society has been noted Jen his role model. The very notion of trickle down goodness and Charity from the top rather than politically driven, demanding progressive change has been crystal clear.

Morrison is a cultist who believes he’s a member of an elect. He’d rule with a stick if he could and did when he was given charge of Immigration. Unfortunately Morrison’s isn’t enlightened or a member of an  elect and his efforts like most cultists leads back to darker times and a trend we are witnessing globally built more on faith than rationality.

At a media conference this week at the start of the current election campaign, Morrison said: “It’s not a popularity test. You go to the dentist. It doesn’t matter if you like him or not, or like her or not. But you want to know that they’re good at their job.” But if you go to the dentist and they’re bad at their job, you find another dentist. One who is good at their job. And a good leader of their team. A person you can trust.

Source: Julia Banks: When voting for ‘the devil you know’ isn’t good enough

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