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Matthew Guy: If the PM loses, the big winner may be this guy

Victoria eyes the new Guy.

Matthew Guy might entertain a secret wish that Scott Morrison loses the next federal election. Although the PM will not be taking the Victorian Liberals wishes into account, the next federal election date has major ramifications for Matthew Guy. If – as looks likely – the Morrison government is tossed out, then that assists the state Liberals. If Anthony Albanese wins, the new PM and his team recruit and cherry-pick the best staff from all the ALP states. Andrews’ advisers, working for the pre-eminent ALP premier, will be much sought after, leaving him relying on a new team in a state election year. Meanwhile, Matthew Guy will have an abundance of battle-hardened Liberal evacuees from Canberra looking to ply their trade, which re-invigorates a tired state Liberal Party. But the federal scene is not pretty for the Morrison [almost minority] government, and Victoria looks particularly ugly. Of the 21 “marginal”, Liberal-held seats to defend, the biggest clump of seven are in Victoria, then four in NSW, four in Queensland, three in WA, two in Tasmania and only one in SA. That is why Dan Andrews will accuse Scott Morrison of being the PM for NSW whenever he can. Inexplicably the PM is giving Andrews ample opportunities.

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Coronavirus losses may force Newscorp and Rupert Murdoch to rethink Foxtel business model – ABC News

Lachlan and Rupert Murdoch both wear navy suits
News Corporation is the latest international media company to reveal that it has been hit hard by COVID-19, with third-quarter accounts showing a $US1 billion ($1.5 billion) loss.

It is a setback that spurred Rupert Murdoch to join the growing list of senior executives forgoing their bonuses for this year.

But while the US, like the rest of the world, is feeling the heat from COVID-19, much of News Corp’s pain came from Australia.

As the owner of 65 per cent of pay TV operator Foxtel, News Corp’s accounts give an insight into how Foxtel is travelling.
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And it’s not pretty.

“In one, two, three years, then either they totally change their business model and become like another Netflix, or, you know, another model that they may think of, otherwise I don’t think they will survive for much longer.”

As Virgin Australia found out a few weeks ago, when shareholders stop stumping up the cash for a loss-making business, the consequences are dire.

It beggars the question of just how many more $1 billion-plus writedowns Mr Murdoch is prepared to tolerate

Coronavirus losses may force Newscorp and Rupert Murdoch to rethink Foxtel business model – ABC News

It’s all happening again. – » The Australian Independent Media Network

In case you haven’t noticed, the US is about to start another war. Remember George W. Bush and the lead up to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003? On that occasion it was a carefully calculated move, complete with lies about Saddam Hussein’s arsenal, fabricated intelligence delivered to the United Nations by then Secretary…

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