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‘Patriots’ are undermining American democracy | Michael Harriot | The Guardian

‘Calling them “rioters” doesn’t quite capture the political motivations of the pro-authoritarian mob of Maga fanatics.

“Patriots were determined to “Kill Pence” and “Kill Pelosi” no matter what they wish they were called that fact remains they were Patriots of Treason. They were armed and weren’t simply exercising any right of protest. They were there at the behest and invitation of Trump to stop Biden from being officially rubber stamped as President. They were there to do what Pence refused to unceremoniously do for Trump. In short, to prevent the duly elected change of the Presidency. Theirs was  an attempted unpatriotic coup!

There is a more accurate term than insurrectionists to describe the people who stormed the US Capitol building on 6 January, forever smearing the seat of the American republic with fear and fascism. Although their activities inspired terror and were planned in part by members of white supremacist groups, they object to being labeled as “terrorists” or “white supremacists”. Calling them “rioters” doesn’t quite capture the political motivations of the pro-authoritarian mob of Maga fanatics. Perhaps we should view them as historical re-enactors. After all, they were only recreating the effort to undermine democracy, freedom and the US constitution that has repeated itself for centuries. Yet, if you asked them, they would undoubtedly say they were “patriots”.

Source: ‘Patriots’ are undermining American democracy | Michael Harriot | The Guardian

Is Fox News The Greatest Cancer on American Democracy? | The Smirking Chimp

We keep yelling “freedom of the press” but surely “the press” has like everything else changed over time and needs redefining and clarifying? Because Fox News certainly isn’t what the “press” was last century let alone the century before or even when the Constitution was written.

The UK made a judgment on Murdoch’s News of the World so much so Murdoch shut it down in order to keep his license and not be jailed. The British almost declared him “unfit” to run a media company. Surely Americans need to give consideration to events like that.

However, let’s face it they had no qualms in planning to assassinate or kidnap Julian Assange and sentence him to 175 years in jail for a single event. How many years did American Democracy dream of ways to kill Castro? The great experiment at home but Fascism in foreign affairs is Ok it seems. in the past 30 years they have allowed Murdoch to do them slowly. More harm done to their nation than Assange has ever done. Murdoch has assisted in supporting the extreme right, inciting and normalizing violence, riots, pandemic death, and continues to do so in plain sight under the protection of the 4th amendment. Nobody has died because of Julian Assange’s actions. He didn’t even commit the crime he’s accused of on American soil. You can be arrested in outer space if America chooses.

As my SiriusXM colleague Michelangelo Signorile points out, even “real news” guy Chris Wallace has jumped ship. To continue with Rudd’s metaphor, if our media and body politic are infected with a cancer it’s time to isolate it so it can’t further harm our democracy and, by extension, the democracies of the world.

Source: Is Fox News The Greatest Cancer on American Democracy? | The Smirking Chimp

Yearly Wages of Most US Workers Grew Just 28% Since 1979 But ‘Skyrocketed’ for Top 0.1%

Walmart worker

The inequality, said two experts, “reaffirms the need to place generating robust wage growth for the vast majority and rebuilding worker power at the center of economic policymaking.”

Source: Yearly Wages of Most US Workers Grew Just 28% Since 1979 But ‘Skyrocketed’ for Top 0.1%

Steve Bannon Sends A Message To MAGA: Stand By | Crooks and Liars

Steve Bannon Sends A Message To MAGA: Stand By

Where has America’s Democratic System taken it. To ultimate never-ending chaos. It’s a system much admired by Australia’s LNP because it allows for minority rule. Democracy can only exist when with elections comes the acceptance of loss. In America there isn’t currently an acknowledgement of loss but a disservice by the Republicans to the people and a total loss of trust in their political sysytem. There is only one Democratic Party in America.

He’ll use this as a fundraising tool and more fuel for his wingnut grievance brand of politics. At one point, Bannon upped the absurdity by screaming he was fighting for liberals and their rights of free speech. Bannon, like all of the MAGA culprits that were involved with the insurrection, cares nothing for the rule of law, instead of setting up a fascist regime set up to stifle all free speech in service of an egomaniacal man-baby.

Source: Steve Bannon Sends A Message To MAGA: Stand By | Crooks and Liars

GOP’s Civil War in Nevada Erupts into ‘Ugly Scene’ as Far-right Extremists Try ‘To Bully Their Way into a Takeover’ | The Smirking Chimp

There is a civil war brewing within the Republican Party in Nevada. According to The Las Vegas Sun, tensions began to rise when members of the Clark County Republican Party (CCRP) expressed concern about the state party’s director Michael McDonald who is accused of recruiting members of the far-right group The Proud Boys to run for public office. The move was reportedly an effort to increase the extremist presence in the state’s political party. On July 20, CCRP members held a meeting to select officers. However, that meeting was interrupted when individuals affiliated with The Proud Boys crashed it. The publication offered a clear depiction of how the scene erupted.

Source: GOP’s Civil War in Nevada Erupts into ‘Ugly Scene’ as Far-right Extremists Try ‘To Bully Their Way into a Takeover’ | The Smirking Chimp

Why Aren’t Biden and the Democrats Going All Out for Democracy? | The Smirking Chimp

You’d think President Biden and the Democratic Party leadership would do everything in their power to stop Republicans from undermining democracy. So far this year, the GOP has passed roughly 30 laws in states across the country that will make voting harder, especially in Black and Latino communities. With Trump’s baseless claim that the 2020 election was stolen, Republicans are stoking white people’s fears that a growing non-white population will usurp their dominance.

Source: Why Aren’t Biden and the Democrats Going All Out for Democracy? | The Smirking Chimp

Deconstructed Podcast: Losing the Asymmetric War

Republicans in Arizona are hoping to overturn their state’s presidential election result, creating a template that they can apply in Georgia, Wisconsin, and beyond. Meanwhile Sen. Mitch McConnell (to no one’s surprise) is making it clear that no Democratic policy objective is going to make it past his filibuster. Does a strategy of legislative obstruction and retroactive electioneering hold any promise for the party? Activist Lauren Windsor and former Senate staffer Eli Zupnick join Ryan Grim to discuss.

Source: Deconstructed Podcast: Losing the Asymmetric War

The Bigot Party | The Smirking Chimp

People around the world witnessing the fragility of American democracy “want to see whether our democracy is resilient, whether we can rise to the challenge here at home. That will be the foundation for our legitimacy in defending democracy around the world for years to come.” That resilience and legitimacy will depend in large part on whether Republicans or Democrats prevail on voting rights. Not since the years leading up to the Civil War has the clash between the nation’s two major parties so clearly defined the core challenge facing American democracy.

The Bigot Party | The Smirking Chimp

A Fragile Democracy | The Smirking Chimp

Democracy fails where ‘not voting’ is a right. Voter suppression doesn’t exist where voting is compulsory

Thus, the country that for centuries had developed a system of government and justice became a victim to the whims of a psychopathic personality who in the short period of four years threatened to destroy had-earned advances towards a democratic and pluralistic society. It shows that unless we are serious in restoring the values fundamental to its existence, we will become one of those countries south of the border pejoratively called “banana republics.”

A Fragile Democracy | The Smirking Chimp

Trump administration blocks testimony of central figure in impeachment inquiry

President Donald Trump with Gordon Sondland in 2018.

The waning of American Democracy and power in less than 3 years.  The moral bankruptcy of a Nation in full relief (ODT)

The Trump administration has blocked a planned deposition from Gordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the European Union and a central figure in the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, according to a statement by his lawyer.

Trump administration blocks testimony of central figure in impeachment inquiry

Trump suggests ‘bonus’ for gun-trained teachers, praises the NRA

President Donald Trump

Washington: President Donald Trump called for paying bonuses to teachers who carry guns in the classroom, embracing a controversial proposal to curb school shootings hours after offering a full-throated endorsement of the National Rifle Association.

Trump told state and local officials gathered at the White House on Thursday to discuss school safety that “you can’t hire enough security guards” and teachers could carry concealed weapons and “nobody would know who they are.” He said that teachers would go through “rigorous training” and could get “a little bit of a bonus.”

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