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Scott Morrison’s economic plan may need revising as the economy tanks


The Government has turned to do what Wayne Swann did to fight the GST handed out money but not quite as universally across the board. More to those that don’t need it and less to those that do. Ins some cases over x10 times more to those at the top and they refuse to budge saying it’s all or nothing rigid management. Blame the opposition as Tony Abbott did (ODT)

The national accounts released on Wednesday were, by any measure, poor. A 0.4 per cent lift in the March quarter, half of which was statistical noise, took annual growth to its lowest level since the GFC.

Yet Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg cannot show any sign of panic given just three weeks ago they were telling voters the economy’s fundamentals were sound under their watch.
Hope households use their engorged tax refund cheques and the cut in interest rates to spend up, pumping money into the economy.


Scott Morrison’s economic plan may need revising as the economy tanks