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 “Loose as…” the goose seems squeezed out of the picture. Morrison looks like a Halloween Fagan

French President Emmanuel Macron says Scott Morrison lied to him before scrapping a $90 billion submarine contract. In a sign relations between Paris and Canberra have not improved despite Mr Morrison’s attempts to talk to Mr Macron at the G20 summit in Rome, the French leader did not hold back when he gave his thoughts on the PM’s conduct. Mr Macron was pulled aside by Australian reporters who asked whether he thought Mr Morrison had lied about his intentions.

 He replied: “I don’t think, I know”

Morrison has a history of “poor communications” and all we have heard to date was that Macron and Biden are the ones who have got it “all wrong”. If not personally, then their administrations weren’t up to scratch in delivering his message. Blaming everyone but himself seems something common to Morrison. NZ sacked him as did Howard’s LNP government for his poor messaging, and go it alone clumsy approaches in the past.

Morrison claims he operated ‘in Australia’s National Interest” without expanding on what that “Interest” is. That somehow sounds as if Australia is to blame as well and not ScoMo. Like Trump his communications were “perfect” Yet, how often have we seen him not operating in “our interest” but only his. The pre-election promise of a Federal ICAC springs to mind. His holiday in Hawaii not so perfect.

Australia didn’t go blindly into contracting France to build “deisal fueled subs” the LNP demanded it! Despite France the globes most advanced aquanauts offering us the world’s best nuclear powered ones. Shouldn’t Morrison stop acting like Trump and actually show us the documented communications with the French and US Heads of State? Trump didn’t he tried to hide the official record of communication with his promise of the “Perfect Phone Call with the President of the Ukraine. All Morrison’s communications with Heads of State and their administrations are afterall official and not personal. So everything is documented and on the record. It ought to be easy to see what really happened!! 

 Emmanuel Macron says he ‘knows’ Scott Morrison lied over submarines

Fact check: Trump’s half-truths and false statements at Nato summit | World news | The Guardian

Donald Trump speaks during a press conference on the second day of the Nato summit in Brussels, Belgium, on Thursday.

Here is a list of fact checks on some of the US president’s claims on Thursday:


Trump: ‘Yesterday I let them know that I was extremely unhappy at what was happening and they have substantially upped their commitment’

Nothing has changed since Trump arrived in Brussels.

Trump: ‘We have a very, very strong Nato, much stronger than it was two days ago’

There is no empirical measure of this claim for increased strength.

via Fact check: Trump’s half-truths and false statements at Nato summit | World news | The Guardian