Biden admits to Macron about ‘clumsy’ handling of AUKUS pact

 Morrison a cheap con-man the accidental PM who fucked everyone over. He lied, and only Macron has called him out for who he is. A “very low grade Trumpesque salesman and certainly not anyone worthy of being a Nation’s Prime Minister . Lacking in any  ” Stature”, even Biden couldn’t remember his name, Morrison nevertheless seems to have always had “a plan” and he executed it  labelled “The Australian Way” and shamed us all.

US president Joe Biden has admitted the orchestration of the AUKUS pact was “clumsy” as he met with the French president for the first time since the secret submarine deal.

Mr Biden also told Emmanuel Macron that he “was under the impression that France had been informed long before” about Australia’s plan to scrap its $90 billion submarine contract with France.

The two leaders are in Rome for the G20 summit, also being attended by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, which comes as Scotland prepares to host the COP26 climate talks.

Mr Biden did not formally apologise to Mr Macron but conceded the US should not have caught the country by surprise.

“I think what happened was, to use an English phrase, what we did was clumsy,” Mr Biden said, adding the submarine deal “was not done with a lot of grace”.

Source: Biden admits to Macron about ‘clumsy’ handling of AUKUS pact

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  1. Joe Biden is cognitively impaired. His minders who remain anonymous are pulling the strings. Who says Morrison is a cheap con man. Trumpesque? I can guess. Macron has a host of problems at home. This drama at the Glasgow gab fest makes for a lovely distraction. Why don’t those pirhannas go after that liar, Macron.

    I don’t think the French are in a position to get huffy. They have a history of doing what was in their best interest.
    About 110,000 people were infected during the French military’s nuclear testing from 1966 to 1996. Despite objections from some 30 members of the Polynesian Territorial Assembly the first nuclear test was conducted on July 2, 1966.


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