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How to Fight Authoritarianism | Washington Monthly

Biden, Merkel, Xi, Illustration

As he spoke from the sunny steps of the U.S. Capitol during his inauguration, Joe Biden acknowledged that this will be “a time of testing.” He enumerated the crises we face—“an attack on democracy and on truth, a raging virus, growing inequality, the sting of systemic racism, a climate in crisis, America’s role in the world.” He vowed to “repair our alliances and engage with the world once again.”

Source: How to Fight Authoritarianism | Washington Monthly

Australia says China travel warning ‘unhelpful’ amid escalating diplomatic row – ABC News

People walk down a relatively empty main thoroughfare in Sydney's Chinatown.

Key points:

There have been a number of high-profile racist incidents in Australia targeting Asians during the coronavirus pandemic
Nevertheless, analysts say that China’s travel warning is the latest attempt to pressure Australia into cooperation
Incidents of xenophobia and harassment of foreigners have also been recorded in China during COVID-19

Australia says China travel warning ‘unhelpful’ amid escalating diplomatic row – ABC News

Paul Keating says Australia must adapt to rise of China

Keating's foreign policy advice to Australia

Abbott’s warnings come from an Australian Government with a history of incompetent bribery by our government agencies. Blatant lying in order to justify the invasion and destruction of Iraq along with the bugging of the Timor Leste government’s offices for commercial gain. Surely Keating has a point as does China that in dealing with this Australian government China is dealing with the mindless thugs that invaded Vietnam. (ODT)

In dealing with China, he said that Australia should get over its alarm at the speed of its rise and recognise its achievement in lifting 700 million people out of poverty.

Mr Abbott urged the Australian government to work harder on ties with allies including Japan and the “democratic superpower” of India as the best way to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific while China remains a one-party communist state.

contrasts with a warning from former prime minister Paul Keating on Monday against “pious belchings” from those attacking China when Australia’s long-term interest lay in working more closely with a vital partner.

 Paul Keating says Australia must adapt to the rise of China


Trump Allies Pressed Ukraine Over Gas Firm | HuffPost

In this Sept. 6, 2019, file photo, Energy Secretary Rick Perry speaks at the California GOP fall convention in Indian Wells,

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — As Rudy Giuliani was pushing Ukrainian officials last spring to investigate one of Donald Trump’s main political rivals, a group of individuals with ties to the president and his personal lawyer were also active in the former Soviet republic.

Their aims were profit, not politics. This circle of businessmen and Republican donors touted connections to Giuliani and Trump while trying to install new management at the top of Ukraine’s massive state gas company. Their plan was to then steer lucrative contracts to companies controlled by Trump allies, according to two people with knowledge of their plans.

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Plan B? US to open consulate in Greenland after Denmark rejects Trump’s offer to buy territory — RT USA News

Plan B? US to open consulate in Greenland after Denmark rejects Trump’s offer to buy territory

A for runner to a military base and invasion it would seem. Doesn’t the US need to be invited first rather than stating what it is they intend doing? Hardly Diplomatic it seems (ODT)

The US must be proactive in order to enhance “political, economic, and commercial relationships across the Arctic region,” the letter read.

A consulate in Greenland would help “protect essential equities” in the sparsely-populated country, and would also help to cultivate “deeper relationships with Greenlandic officials and society.”


via Plan B? US to open consulate in Greenland after Denmark rejects Trump’s offer to buy territory — RT USA News

How the world learned to stop worrying and ignore Trump — RT Op-ed

‘Not a good feeling’: Trump blames teleprompter malfunction for ‘airports’ gaffe

Wiser Americans are turning away fro their boorish President

Diplomacy and mediation require respect, historical knowledge, and empathy – the latter being the ability to see the perspective of others without necessarily agreeing with them. Trump shows none of these qualities. And with the diplomatic corps having been gutted of personnel during his presidency, there is little recourse for wiser counsel to offset this president’s boorish, bullying manner.

Trump’s mercurial character makes him unreliable as a partner. He is prone to turning nasty on a dime even to people whom he has at one time lauded as being friendly with. Witness his erratic behavior towards Chinese President Xi Jinping or French leader Emmanuel Macron. Trump seems to have no brake for his big mouth, or care about the consequences.

The G7 summit later this week in Biarritz will be a telling spectacle of how isolated Trump has become on the world stage. Previous gatherings have shown disregard and peevishness from other leaders. The forthcoming meeting promises to be even more cringeworthy because of Trump’s increasingly tarnished image.

Trump’s overbearing egotism and mental meltdown make him a person whom others are learning to ignore.

via How the world learned to stop worrying and ignore Trump — RT Op-ed

Reckless: How Donald Trump’s diplomacy is inflaming the world

Iranian demonstrators burn representations of the US flag during a protest in front of the former US Embassy after Donald Trump pulled the US out of the nuclear deal.

How language in MSM protects: They still call Trump’s behaviour as a President “Diplomacy” when it’s the antithesis of the very word.

They call a person who built a platform for transparency “WikiLeaks a “Spy” and make every effort to shut down “whistleblowers” on any government issue. They accept Facebook Twitter etc publishers because of their ‘size’ and they promote the division of the world by engineering the MSM. Today the MSM accept Donald Trump as a ‘diplomat ‘ however, want a life sentance for Julian Assange why?

He Allowed us to see the USA for what they are and for what they do and are about to do with his open post box platform. They denied any extra charges where pending for his extradition when the world already knew those extra charges were already prepared and ready for process. We wonder why Donald Trump behaves like he does an American. He simply is and can’t be believed. (ODT)

Reckless: How Donald Trump’s diplomacy is inflaming the world

18 Ways Julian Assange Changed the World

Donald Trump ridicules Emmanuel Macron, blasts France’s performance in two world wars as relations sour – Donald Trump’s America – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Key points:

Trump the Diplomat from a distance

US President Donald Trump has attacked his French counterpart in a series of tweets just two days after returning from commemorations to mark 100 years since the end of World War I in Paris.

Mr Trump lashed out over Mr Macron’s suggestion Europe should build up militaries
He also complained about tariffs on US wine and attacked Mr Macron’s popularity
The complaints struck a nerve in France on the anniversary of the Paris terror attacks

via Donald Trump ridicules Emmanuel Macron, blasts France’s performance in two world wars as relations sour – Donald Trump’s America – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

China-Australia tension as biggest trading partner gives us the cold shoulder

News Corp’s best anti- Australian work

China: The freeze in diplomatic relations between China and Australia is on, despite official denials – and business executives are clearly despondent about it.

via China-Australia tension as biggest trading partner gives us the cold shoulder

US expels 35 Russian diplomats, closes two compounds over election hacking

The United States has expelled 35 Russian diplomats and closed two Russian compounds in New York and Maryland in response to a campaign of harassment by Russia against American diplomats in Moscow, a senior U.S. official said on Thursday.

Source: US expels 35 Russian diplomats, closes two compounds over election hacking

Pig-faced Western insolence

Pig-faced Western insolence. 54537.jpeg

The attack on President Putin by British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond and the laughter and jeering during the intervention by Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov underlines the notion that the West, in general terms, is governed by cliques of incompetent, insolent upstarts who in the private sector would be unemployable.

As for Philip Hammond calling President Vladimir Putin a “tyrant” then going on to speak about dictators, then there is one word in response: Resign! Whatever his personal views, which can interest nobody, the British Foreign Secretary is head of his country’s diplomacy and gratuitous, unfounded quips like that underline the notion that he is worse even at his job than his predecessor William Hague.

President Putin’s popularity rating is somewhere near three times that of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s. So much for democracy, but then again Mr. Hammond represents one of the three prongs of the FUKUS Axis (France-UK-US), the clique that sided with terrorists on their own lists of proscribed groups to topple the Jamahiriya Government in Libya, sided with terrorists carrying out chemicals weapons attacks in Syria, to incriminate President Assad.

So much for Hammond. A vapid, lightweight wannabe, a nobody on the world stage, a pith-headed, clottish, ill-mannered, insolent upstart with zero substance, a squeaky, fussy little nonentity whose real vocation in life is to hide behind the skirts of an Anglican priest in the belfry of some moldy church basement somewhere in rural Wales. He finds himself in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Same thing.

As for the guffaws of laughter vomited forth by some Western officials at the International Security Conference in Munich while Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Lavrov was delivering his speech, how rude. But then again what to expect from the West but sheer, barefaced, pig-headed insolence, bad manners, nastiness, spitefulness, lies, skullduggery, meddling, intrusion, utter disregard and disrespect for human rights as civilians are murdered, as babies have their faces blasted off and their families blown away by some NATO coward in the sky imposing democracy from 30,000 feet?


So, let us take a look at Western policies in the last decade and a half and see if they are laughing. So, ha ha ha ha ha, what about Kosovo? You know, where Albanian terrorists trafficking human organs and shooting at the police were destabilizing Kosovo, the Serbian Province which was, is and always will be, the very heart of the Serbian nation? Ha ha ha ha ha, funny, isn’t it? And what about those Ushtria Çlirimtare ë Kosovës terrorists slicing the heads off Serb bank workers and parading them around grinning like apes? Hilarious, I suppose?

And Ha ha ha ha ha, the Iraq fiasco was the cherry on a putrid sh*t-filled cake, wasn’t it? I mean, ha ha ha ha ha, they attacked a sovereign nation outside the auspices of the UN Security Council (war crime, in the absence of any attenuating factors), they strafed civilian structures with military hardware, ha ha ha ha ha, they murdered up to a million civilians, ha ha ha ha ha, they totally destabilized a State, threw most of the population out of work, ha ha ha ha ha, and rendered large swathes of the country poisonous. Ha ha ha ha ha, half a million to a million kids born dead or deformed, ha ha ha ha ha, eh?

And speaking about the ha ha ha ha West’s ha ha ha ha foreign policy, we had the concentration and torture camp at Abu Ghraib, you know, ha ha ha ha ha where American heroine Lynndie England and her co-torturers were “just having fun” sodomizing detainees, peeing in people’s food, throwing snakes at people, raping prisoners, setting dogs on them and forcing Moslems to eat pork. Like, what a blast?

And now that western officials find it so hilarious to listen to Mr. Lavrov’s balanced, wholly credible and honest delivery, what about the ha ha ha ha concentration and torture camp at Guantanamo Bay?

So the fun-packed journey continues through the Libyan fiasco, a country rendered chaotic after NATO’s ham-fisted and illegal intervention, ha ha ha ha ha supporting terrorist groups on the FCO’s own list of proscribed groups, eh Mr. Hammond? Freakin’ hilarious, eh whatty what? Ha ha ha ha ha…

And then we have Syria, ha ha ha ha ha, where planned false flag chemical weapons attacks were outed in this column numerous times before one actually took place in an area crawling with Syrian Arab Army forces. And the fun fair stops in Ukraine, where a democratically elected President was ousted in an armed insurrection and removed without any of the legal precepts for such being in place.

Poroshenko (not his father’s family name) and his murky connections from the past rule the roost in Kiev, not in Donetsk and not in LuGansk, with a properly pronounced G after Fascist massacres were committed forcing the citizens of Eastern Ukraine to take up arms. Five thousand souls later, the legacy of the west’s intrusion, the rebels are on the offensive, while Russia pushes for peace, as Moscow has done from the beginning.

Moscow pushes for peace, the west? Let us take a look at their foreign policy over the last decade and a half…and… Ha ha ha ha ha! There are two sides to every coin and both sides can laugh. But they say the one that laughs last…

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Dealing with this ‘boy’ Prime Minister

Tony Abbott fits neatly into a category that doesn’t understand  diplomacy. And, he seems incapable of adapting to this level of diplomatic dignity. He is like a street thug pretending to be the Maître Di’ for a 5 star hotel; a role he is ill prepared for and either unwilling or unable to develop.As a consequence, for those of us who take pride in our international reputation, he has become a national embarrassment.

His brain snap comment about shirtfronting the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, at the G20 meeting in Brisbane next month. His follow-up comment, ’You bet you are’ was so out of sync with the first remark that it suggested he was not in control.The last international leader I can recall who became a figure of international amusement was, coincidentally, a former Russian president, Boris Yeltsin. Boris was a drunken fool; a buffoon. Yeltsin was a figure of derision.

While Abbott’s antics are not even close to those of Yeltsin, the ‘shirtfront’ comment coming on the back of  his comments about the Scottish vote for independence will ensure that future overseas trips taken by him will attract a lot more attention from the international media and for all the wrong reasons.

The quality of the Coalition governance has been appalling. They fail on several fronts; the economy and the environment being the most obvious. But an election is still two years away. The prospect of two more years under Abbott’s leadership is becoming intolerable.

The Liberal Party should put the people first; they should show some ticker and end this charade. It is time to restore some international diplomacy to our reputation and regain some national pride.

Shirtfronting with Vlad the Impaler and Tony Dum Dum

Tony Abbott says he is going to “shirtfront” Vladamir Putin at the G20, but managing editor David Donovan says he may just be in for a shock.

IT WASN’T JUST WHAT HE SAID, it was also the way he said it.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott ‒ fresh from saying coal is good for humanity ‒ stood in front of an enormous coal truck in Central Queensland and, like a punch drunk pug trying to trash talk a much more highly fancied opponent, said he was going to “shirtfront” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Firstly, “shirtfront” — what does that even mean?

When I first heard Abbott say that yesterday afternoon, I thought he meant he was going to grab Putin by his shirt and not let him get away until he gave him a piece of his mind — something, I would suggest, he could ill afford to lose.

Then, however, I began hearing people from the AFL states offering their footy code’s definition — which would seem to be the act of illegally scruffing someone by the shirtfront – or laying the hip and shoulder into them – and knocking them to the ground.

Could Abbott really have just threatened assault on a foreign head of state?

Then I heard another take, which is two drunks in a bar holding onto each other’s shirtfront to stop the other from falling down so they could keep on punching. What?

Whichever one Abbott meant ‒ if any ‒ he has committed an appalling breach of diplomatic protocol in advance of a major international summit and shamed the nation.

Of course, Abbott has consistently behaved in an offensively aggressive manner toward Russia ever since he started tough-talking over Russia’s intervention in the Ukraine earlier in the year. He followed up with all manner of threats and bluster when MH17 went down in June, standing up in Parliament the next day to effectively accuse the Russians of shooting the plane down. The rashness of this statement is manifest when we consider the incident is still being investigated by Dutch authorities, who still appear be no closer to announcing the real cause. Then, of course, we were going to ban Russia from attending, and then we had to let them come and now this.

Whatever he is trying to do — it ain’t working. It is the diplomacy of the town drunk, yelling incoherent abuse into the street.

But again, it wasn’t simply what he said, it was the way he said it.

Here is a direct transcript of Abbott’s words [IA emphasis]:

“Look, I’m going to … ahh … ‘shirt front’ Mr Putin. You bet you are… ahh … you bet I am. Ahh…”

You bet you are… What?

You get the impression he had just been prepped and fired up by an advisor, perhaps his ubiquitous chief of staff Peta Credlin, who had fed him his lines and he had forgotten to personalise them.

Either way, it was a truly facepalming moment for the nation.

It must be said that Abbott is a woeful public speaker.

When he reads his remarks, he sounds like an eight year-old who has never read a book without pictures before and is still coming to grips with the written word.

When he doesn’t read his speeches and speaks off the cuff, he sounds somewhat more composed, but then usually makes some hugely embarrassing faux pas or blunder — like when he promised before the election to spend his first week as PM in Arnhem Land, for example, or this one:

But even when he is trying to parrot simple rehearsed lines, he still can’t quite get them right.

Did he even mean “shirtfront”? Who would know? One can only imagine the anxiety and distress in the prime minister’s office every time they watch him appear in front of the media.

No wonder Peta Credlin drinks.

Really, Tony Abbott should never have become Australian prime minister. John Pilger pigeonholed Abbott perfectly when he described him on IA recently as ‘aggressively weird’. He is aggressive and he is weird — and it often also appears as if all his synapses are not firing effectively.

He makes blunder after blunder and doesn’t seem to care as Australia more and more becomes a laughing stock and international pariah.

We should also note that Vladamir Putin, apart from being a former KGB agent, is reportedly an eighth dan black belt judo champion — ninth being the highest awarded and judo being the sport in which the object is to grapple or throw the other person to the ground.

Putin’s nickname is Vlad the Impaler — and after threatening violence on him, Tony Dum Dum may finally have bitten off more than he can chew.

After all the public shellacking Abbott gave Putin now they will meet face to face…Abbott Watch is about to begin What will Peta Credlin do?

Consider the number of shouts and whispers we heard after MH17 went down.

First the crime, then the cover-up. The criminals will be brought to justice. Putin will be held personally responsible for this act of evil. The worst peacetime atrocity in modern history. Putin ‘not welcome’ in Brisbane. Putin to be denied permission to come to Australia. Putin, if he comes here, will be ‘brought to justice’. Hundreds of millions to be spent ‘bringing them home’. A war should be suspended so we can recover the bodies. Hundreds of millions spent while we wait for the war to be suspended. A national day of mourning. A multi-faith service in a Melbourne cathedral for the innocent dead.

None of this, after Gaza, ISIS and Ebola, seems very proportionate any more.

What was clear from the start, that it was an unintended shooting down of a plane that was foolishly in air space over a war zone and mistaken for another plane, seems the case now, like a six-car pile-up on New Year’s Eve, or a Mediterranean ferry sinking in a storm.

And now we have Putin coming to Brisbane. How will he be treated? As a murderous neo-Communist dictator the ICC should put on trial for crimes against humanity? Or as what he is, the world’s most powerful man, one we should treat pretty gingerly?

The politics of the exclamation mark make it difficult for us either to greet him or to shun him. Did he personally order the shooting down of the plane? Of course not. Is his war on Ukraine illegal? Absolutely. Was his takeover of Crimea constitutional? Possibly. Will we be selling him our uranium and beef again soon? Of course we will.


Abbott and Newman are in a fix of their own making. They are accustomed to dealing with semi-fictional enemies — the wicked people-smuggler, the homegrown crucifying terrorist, the furtive criminal unionist, the heinous Kevin Rudd who personally sent boys into roofs where they were electrocuted — and faced with actual, complex, powerful humans with agendas of their own, they are at a loss as to what to do or say, lest the bad guy … answer back.

It is not beyond the bounds of likelihood that Putin will want to debate Abbott in a public place and Abbott will flee from the encounter. It is not beyond the outskirts of possibility that he will persuade some delegates that Kiev did the shooting-down and doubts will be officially articulated on this score.

But because Abbott, who deals only in menacing fictions, is unprepared for the real Putin and not just a huffing muppet he wanted not to come here, Abbott, the hyperbolist, will have no words to deal with him face to face, as Bob Carr might have done, and engage him in actual conversation. And will look, as he usually does, a fool.

The Abbott adventure gets worse and worse. Kobane will fall and Abbott will be shown to have been forbidden by Baghdad to send help there. Baghdad will fall and ISIL command the former Mesopotamia. The Budget will be rejected and Palmer demand that Hockey be sacked before any more negotiation take place. Abbott will be too weak to sack him and Turnbull will move against him.

It is no joke to say, as I have every other day for eighty-four days, that this is the worst free-elected government in a thousand years on this planet.

And, daily, it gets worse and worse.