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A new direction: The truth about the economy they don’t want you to know

Buried truth leaves a party throwing dead moggies on the table, Immigration, Climate Change, Gender etc.(ODT)

But maybe not. Back then, 5.3% ranked equal sixth lowest out of the 35 wealthy member countries of the Organisation for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD). In November 2012, Germany and Australia both had 5.3% of their workforce unemployed. Only South Korea, Switzerland, Norway, Japan and Mexico had lower jobless rates.

Today, four years into the strongest global boom in trade, jobs and profits in decades, 5.3% ranks 18th. That is in the bottom half of the table. Thirteen countries now have their jobless rate below 4.0%.

If Australia still ranked sixth in the OECD, its rate would be 3.5% and another 243,000 Australians would be off welfare and earning a salary

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How Fraser Anning and Blair Cottrell gamed the media

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Boris Johnson is another. He once wrote about the insight of his Australian campaign mastermind Lynton Crosby who perfected the “dead cat on the table” strategy. When you wanted to avoid an issue, you said something outrageous – throwing a dead cat on the table, so to speak – to change the media cycle.

Back then it was a temporary diversionary tactic. Now, though, the tactic has become akin to cat armageddon: dead cat after dead cat after dead cat. Keep manufacturing outrage. Never apologise. Soak up all the free media coverage you can get.

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Crime gangs: Facts, fiction and furphies


John Silvester

Yes, there is a sinister group (gang, if you like) well practised in the dark arts of moving quickly on the vulnerable for personal gain. They are the politicians who jumped into this debate with the subtlety of a belly flop in a wading pool.

Internal police figures show that of Victoria’s 15,000 “serious” crimes ranging from murder, serious assaults, rape and armed robberies to carjackings, around 200 are committed by offenders of Sudanese descent – which means you are 74 times more likely to be attacked by non-Sudanese.

So what do these statistics prove? Absolutely nothing, other than that you can always find a set of numbers to justify an argument.

Piss Weak on Law and Order Look No Further than Peter Dutton

The issue of law and order is squarely in Dutton’s domain, and while he has no responsibility on state matters, he has a major one on federal ones, particularly border protection. Which makes it all the more galling that while he wastes his energy on matters that are not his concern, he has been derelict on one in his own backyard. The problem is not that Dutton is too tough – it is that he is not tough enough.

For nearly 12 months the state government, at the request of senior police, have asked their federal counterparts to change the law to make it illegal to import Bute without a legitimate reason and still the loophole remains large enough to drive a truck (filled with drugs) through it.

So while the Feds can legitimately brag they have stopped the boats with asylum seekers on them, they have done stuff-all to stop the boats filled with 1,4-Butanediol. And make no mistake, more people are hospitalised from Bute than from being bashed by Sudanese crime gangs.

Yet we do have a serious black crime problem. In Australia, an Indigenous youth is 24 times more likely to be imprisoned than the community average for that age bracket. It is a national disgrace.
Rehabilitating young offenders is not the soft option, it is the smart one. The alternative of policies driven by anger, fear, half-facts and the pursuit of headlines or votes leads to more crime and more victims – and history shows that if you shut the door on people, they eventually want to kick it down.

Crime gangs: Facts, fiction and furphies