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To call Voter ID changes a “dead moggie” is very dangerous. Russian roulette was once called fun too until it wasn’t. That Idea is like the one thrown about decades ago, that the ABC was an unnecessary taxpayer burden and should be sold off. That grew to become LNP’s bullshit slogan  of “No Cuts to the ABC” in 2013 to 8 years of razor slices called by Treasurer Morrison “Efficiency Reviews”. A slip sliding of language which was a concerted effort to bring the “dead moggie” to life and “rid us of the ABC”. That LNP ideal outcome is now accepted as a normal LNP platform and practice and will continue to be forever more.

Changes to universal franchisement and compulsory voting can easily go the same way.  Yes, just another distraction, a “dead cat” that there really is no need for our Compulsory Voting system isn’t a hypothetical. Dead Cats have a habit of coming to life in the hands of the LNP,to become a normal part of our political ecosystem, labeled as “just debate” Beware!!

People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. James McGrath is correct to a point when he suggested that politicians don’t have a good reputation. Demonstrably it has nothing to do with the election process but more to do with actions the politicians are alleged to take during the political parties’ pre-selection processes or after election. Is it too cynical to suggest that the sudden legislation requiring voters to provide identification prior to voting is Morrison’s version of Boris Johnson’s ‘dead cat strategy’ where a dramatic or sensational topic is introduced to a discussion, solely to distract attention from the inconvenient truth? What do you think?

Source: Voter ID and dead cats – » The Australian Independent Media Network