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How do you shrink colonialism? – +972 Magazine

Israeli soldiers guard thousands of settler youth as they march near the outpost of Homesh following the murder of a settler by Palestinians, West Bank, December 23, 2021. (Oren Ziv)

It is a reality of settler pogroms, Palestinian resistance, and retributive attacks. It is a reality in which the radical wing of the settler movement has the backing of the most powerful military in the region to violently clear Palestinians off their land, while the settler elite enjoys infrastructure projects that allow Israel to continue swallowing the West Bank piecemeal without ever having to declare “annexation” as state policy. It is, at the bottom of it all, the story of Israel’s incomplete colonial project — from the South Hebron Hills to the Naqab/Negev to Jerusalem to Gaza. As much as Israeli leaders may say they are tired of “the conflict,” what they really seek is to minimize Palestinian resistance in all its forms, and to shrink any attention to Israel’s ever-expanding ambitions.

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HBO’s ‘Exterminate All the Brutes’ Is a Masterpiece | Time

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Though he is unsparing in his accounts of colonial violence, Peck’s endgame is not to make white viewers wallow in lonely self-hatred; it’s to encourage change. Citing Rwanda, he argues that the conditions that enabled the Holocaust were not unique, and that humanity will keep committing atrocities until we take a stark look at our history and choose not to repeat it. No wonder Peck feels an affinity for Baldwin, who framed white America’s repressed guilt over centuries of cruelty to Black America as the root of both groups’ misery. “To accept one’s past—one’s history—is not the same thing as drowning in it,” he wrote, “it is learning how to use it.” To that end, Exterminate All the Brutes makes an electrifying instruction manual.

Source: HBO’s ‘Exterminate All the Brutes’ Is a Masterpiece | Time


Everything We Learned From Raoul Peck’s ‘Exterminate All The Brutes’ Documentary

Exterminate All the Brutes Exposes the Murderous History of Colonialism

Raoul Peck’s HBO docuseries Exterminate All the Brutes isn’t easy to watch — but it’s important popular education on the 600-year development of the concept and system of white supremacy associated with colonialism, slavery, and genocide.

Source: Exterminate All the Brutes Exposes the Murderous History of Colonialism

Top 5 Things Released Palestinian Activist Ahed Tamimi Learned in Colonial Israeli Prison

Amazingly, Tamimi used the experience of being jailed, as many colonial subjects in imperial detention cells have–including Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi–to her advantage. Kuwait’s KUNA news service reported:

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How colonialism shapes immigration policy in the US and Australia | USA | Al Jazeera

A group of around 20 protesters occupy PM Malcolm Turnbull's electoral office, demanding the end to the policy of offshore detention of asylum seekers, in Sydney, October 14, 2015 [Reuters]

Both the US and Australia are settler societies which were founded on white supremacy and colonial expansionism. Hence, they are intrinsically concerned with maintaining dominance over Indigenous people and asserting state sovereignty against the incursion of people deemed “other”.

But apart from rhetoric, Australia and the US are also using colonial-era and colonial-like power relations to coerce poorer nations into serving their racist immigration policy.

Papua New Guinea has hosted hundreds of male refugees and asylum seekers who tried to make it to Australia on Manus Island, while children and families have been living in limbo in the island nation of Nauru.

But amid the spending spree on militarisation and domination of poorer nations and the continuing misery and suffering of hundreds of thousands of people stranded at borders and in detention centres, there is rarely any recognition of the fact that these refugees and “migrants” have been in fact escaping wars and murderous regimes propped by the US, Australia and EU states.

And that is because these countries have never stopped behaving like colonial powers on the international stage, long after colonialism was supposed to have formally ended.

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“It is racism killing our people – suicides born of racism” | The Stringer

“It is racism killing our people – suicides born of racism” | The Stringer.



When  a white  Culture overlay has  little  or no empathy for indigenous cultural psychology. When a white cultural ego dominates a landscape of human emotions. Little recognition is given to minorities completely flattened by the impact of constant dominance and being at crossroads leaves nothing any longer taken for granted. Crossroads give birth to individual uncertainties in youth that can create existential despair and death welcoming.

Strange how  politically useful politicians and the media find it to create that sense of emergency  about terrorism , economic emergency, to create false realities for political ends. But how those same governments in doing so can totally ignore the real feelings of our indigenous and other minorities it’s citizens particularly their non voting youth and then simply write them off as if it’s their own cultural and psychological inadequacies.

It’s a case of who do you believe? I suggest the people who advocate there was nothing here but bush before the British arrived are profound liars. They appropriated or discarded everything that went before them and have created the myths that have dominated our psyches  since but find  hard to  eradicate. The ghosts that remain and haunt not all of us but those at the crossroads particularly the youth of  minority cultures  the indigenous kids, the migrant kids that are told they should move on forget and assimilate to be worthwhile.The kids born of poverty sold a promise of equal opportunity who blame themselves when they realize the unachievable outcomes.

Have a look at this face we don’t need Scott Morrison to to feel  globally ashamed. We’ve been towing  back the boats of indigenous Australia since our arrival and blaming their their drownings on people smugglers we call their Culture.

Lookin Philinka’s eyes she’s better than you Bolt, Morrison, Abbott purveyors of the myth of hate for little more than cultural elite ego, and profit. I can’t speak from the personal experience suffered but I can empathize with the general condition you maintain. I can ask you Christian bastards to listen to all our Australian citizens black white or brindle on behalf  our common humanity .