How do you shrink colonialism? – +972 Magazine

Israeli soldiers guard thousands of settler youth as they march near the outpost of Homesh following the murder of a settler by Palestinians, West Bank, December 23, 2021. (Oren Ziv)

It is a reality of settler pogroms, Palestinian resistance, and retributive attacks. It is a reality in which the radical wing of the settler movement has the backing of the most powerful military in the region to violently clear Palestinians off their land, while the settler elite enjoys infrastructure projects that allow Israel to continue swallowing the West Bank piecemeal without ever having to declare “annexation” as state policy. It is, at the bottom of it all, the story of Israel’s incomplete colonial project — from the South Hebron Hills to the Naqab/Negev to Jerusalem to Gaza. As much as Israeli leaders may say they are tired of “the conflict,” what they really seek is to minimize Palestinian resistance in all its forms, and to shrink any attention to Israel’s ever-expanding ambitions.

Source: How do you shrink colonialism? – +972 Magazine

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