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Newstart, wage theft and fat ducks

If you’re trying to “have a go” in order to put food on the table, don’t expect to “get a go” from this Coalition Government, writes executive editor Michelle Pini.


And according to the PM, who has actively opposed any suggestion of an increase to the Newstart payment,

“They [Newstart recipients] don’t just live on Newstart alone.”

That’s right! Lucky Newstart recipients also get an “energy supplement” of $4.40 a week!

This, of course, would not buy the lucky ducks dinner at Heston Blumenthal‘s Fat Duck pop-up in Melbourne, where the starting cost per person (excluding wine) was $525 back in 2015. Blumenthal, incidentally, has also struggled to pay his workers according to the law. But this extra government “assistance”, in fact, doesn’t even cover the cost of a weekly Happy Meal, which is currently $5.30.

Let them eat cake, eh, Mr Morrison? Well, probably not cake served in any establishment of the abovementioned restaurateurs.

Newstart is below the poverty line. That is all anyone with a heart or a full stomach needs to know.

If you’re just trying to “have a go” in order to put food on the table, however, don’t expect to be getting a go from this Coalition Government.

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March Australia – Home

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MP’s claimed a total of over 8000 years’ worth of Newstart allowance in 2016. The minister responsible for welfare at that time, Alan Tudge, claimed the equivalent of 39 years’ worth of Newstart payments.

In 2016 Tony Abbott’s expense claims were the equivalent of more than 37 years’ worth of Newstart payments, Peter Dutton’s were more than 55 years’ worth, Scott Morrison more than 61 years’ worth and Malcolm Turnbull more than 105 years’ worth!

The biggest claimant for 2016 was Julie Bishop with nearly 113 years’ worth of Newstart payments. Bear in mind, these are expense claims only, they do not include salaries and other allowances.

March Australia – Home