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US Jews are increasingly vocal on Israel. Why are their progressive groups still silent?

Activists from IfNotNow protest outside Birthright Israel’s offices in New York City, April 5, 2019. (Gili Getz)

Establishment Jewish organizations are working to shut down all criticism of Israel. Will their challengers on the left finally take a stance?

US Jews are increasingly vocal on Israel. Why are their progressive groups still silent?

Why are American Jews so afraid of one of their own? – +972 Magazine

Sen. Bernie Sanders at the 2019 Iowa Democrats Hall of Fame Celebration, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, June 9, 2019. (Lorie Shaull/CC BY-SA 2.0)

All this is a sign of just how far to the right the American Jewish establishment has lurched in during the Netanyahu era. Had he remained in Israel on the kibbutz, Sanders would likely be just another septuagenarian supporter of the left-wing Zionist Meretz party. But in many Jewish communities in the United States, even views like those of Meretz have long been considered beyond the pale.

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The GOP has mainstreamed white nationalist anti-Semitism | +972 Magazine

A white supremacist seen during the Unite the Right rally, Charlottesville, Virginia, August 12, 2017. (Evan Nesterak/CC BY 2.0)

In order to protect our communities, we must deepen solidarity between Jews, immigrants, Muslims, and all groups targeted by white nationalism and the racist rhetoric of the Trump camp. This means engaging with our differences in a shared understanding that it is the right which seeks to exclude and scapegoat our communities and silence our allies. The future of multiracial democracy depends on it.

The GOP has mainstreamed white nationalist anti-Semitism | +972 Magazine

Trump Accuses Jewish Americans Who Vote Democrat Of ‘Disloyalty’ | HuffPost Australia

Anti-Semitism Trump shows how.(ODT)

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The GOP’s Dark Side: Trumpism puts Jews and other Minorities in the Crosshairs

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – The Republican Party is not directly responsible for the spike in hate crimes toward minorities. But it is indirectly responsible in three ways:

1. The party has largely allowed itself to be captured by the alien ideology of Trumpism

2. The party is running at least 16 far, far right extremists [with two ‘fars’] for national office, and many more far right extremists [with just one ‘far’].

3. Media catering to the GOP, such as Fox Cable News and right wing talk radio, is vicious toward minorities and often uses dog whistles against Jews.

While the Democratic Party is not entirely free of far right racists, the phenomenon in that party is tiny compared to the problem in the Republican Party. This difference comes in part from the way the three considerations listed above are entangled with and reinforce one another.

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Stop calling it ‘Jewish terror’ | +972 Magazine

Let’s stop calling those who have bombed, shot, or burned Palestinians ‘Jewish.’ Let’s call them what they really are: Israeli. By Yonatan Englender Israel is a country that is quick to appropriate every phenomenon or activity that takes place within it, from the success of its tech entrepreneurs (in whom the state did not invest even a single shekel) to the successes of its athletes (for whom the state did not provide even the most basic conditions for adequate practice). Even environmental disasters and car crashes are quickly turned into national events. [tmwinpost] Therefore, it is a bit strange that we refrain from referring…

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In Israel’s official portrait, only Jewish lives matter | +972 Magazine

A new government report published on the eve of Israel’s Independence Day only concerns itself with infant mortality statistics and life expectancy of Jewish citizens. What does that say about Israel’s attitude towards non-Jews? It is not all that uncommon for nationalist Israelis to accuse anybody politically to the left of them of supporting, or attempting to transform Israeli into “a state of all its citizens.” The idea being that a state which sees, counts, serves, and protects all of its citizens equally, irrespective of ethnicity or creed, would destroy Israel as we know it — Israel the Jewish state, which…

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Bavaria may introduce Hitler’s Mein Kampf in schools to ‘immunize’ youngsters.

The Bavarian parliament has held a discussion on whether Hitler’s notorious ‘Mein Kampf’ should become a part of the school curriculum. The idea was blasted by the country’s Jewish groups who called the book an “antisemitic concoction of hatred.”

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Israel brings Jews out from war-torn Yemen in covert operation|Jews in the Muslim World

The operation transporting them to Israel almost brings to an end the Jewish community in Yemen, which once numbered around 60,000 people and dates back some 2,000

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Danish Jews reject Netanyahu’s call to move to Israel Danish Jews on Monday turned down an offer by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to emigrate to Israel following a deadly weekend attack on a synagogue in Copenhagen. Andrew Bolt they are not listening to you.

Well-wishers bring flowers and light candles to honour the shooting victims outside the main synagogue in Copenhagen, on February 15, 2015

“We’re very grateful for Netanyahu’s concern but having said that, we are Danish — we’re Danish Jews but we’re Danish — and it won’t be terror that makes us go to Israel,” said a spokesman for the Jewish Community in Denmark, Jeppe Juhl.

“So we understand his concern for our well-being, and we value his concern but we are Danish and we’re staying in Denmark. If we move to Israel it’s for other reasons,” he told AFP.

Netanyahu on Sunday urged European Jews to move to Israel after a Jewish man was killed outside Copenhagen’s main synagogue in one of two attacks in the city at the weekend.

“Israel is your home. We are preparing and calling for the absorption of mass immigration from Europe,” Netanyahu said in a statement, repeating a similar call after attacks by jihadists in Paris last month that killed 17 people including four Jews.

Danish intelligence said the gunman who opened fire outside the synagogue and a cultural centre may have been inspired by last month’s Islamist attacks in Paris.

Two policemen who were injured outside the synagogue had been posted there after community leaders contacted authorities following Saturday’s shooting at the community centre that left one person dead.

Around 8,000 Jews live in Denmark, most of them in Copenhagen and with smaller communities in the cities of Aarhus and Odense, according to the Jewish Community of Denmark.

During the Gaza conflict in August, Copenhagen’s Jewish school, Carolineskolen, had its windows smashed and anti-Jewish graffiti spray-painted on its walls.

The incident took place shortly after a rise in anti-Semitic crimes in Denmark prompted politicians to organise a “kippah march” in Copenhagen in support of Jewish people’s right to display their religion openly.