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Israel shoots children, lets them bleed to death | The Electronic Intifada

Ali al-Ashqar had just thrown one stone when he was shot. The 17-year-old immediately fell to the ground.

Nabil Masoud had been standing nearby. Along with two medics, he rushed to try and help Ali.

“But the Israeli sniper started shooting toward anyone who got close to the child,” said Masoud. “For around 17 minutes, no one was able to reach Ali. It was clear that the Israeli soldier wanted the child to bleed until he died. And that is what actually happened.”

Eventually, the medics gained access to Ali. But it was too late.

An autopsy confirmed that he had been struck by a bullet in the chest, which had existed his neck. He had also been hit by fragments of bullets fired in his direction.

Ali was killed during the Great March of Return on 6 September. He was approximately 80 meters from the fence separating Gaza and Israel.

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Howard and Abbott’s abhorrent defence of Pell

When Howard describes Pell as of ‘exemplary character’, of ‘strength’, and ‘lacking in hypocrisy and cant’, the back story to those words must include Pell’s extreme and vociferous opposition to any progressive reform within the Catholic Church. It must especially include his stance in relation to gender equality, to contraception, to abortion and women’s rights in general, and including condemnation of homosexuality, gay and lesbian rights and same-sex marriage.

Writing of Pell’s “strength”, Howard would have known of the Ellis case — of Pell’s attempts to shield paedophile clergy from being accountable and treating victims with arrogant dismissal and scorn.

Abbott has likened what Pell has been convicted of as a “mistake”, saying:

“If I look back on my own life … I’ve made many mistakes, we all do.”

It is amazing to consider that we have a recent Prime Minister who regards paedophilia as insignificant rather than a serious crime.

Howard and Abbott’s abhorrent defence of Pell

Calls for stripping Natalie Portman of Israel Citizenship for criticizing Shooting Palestinian Protesters | Informed Comment

Prominent Likud Party member of the Israeli parliament Oren Hazan, a former casino manager in Bulgaria, said,

“[She is] a Jewish Israeli, who on the one hand cynically uses her birthplace to advance her career and on the other is proud of the fact that she managed to avoid enlisting in the IDF [euphemism for the Israeli Army]. She’s an actress, but she is unworthy of any honor in the State of Israel . . . Sweetness can come from strength: I call on Interior Minister Aryeh Deri (Shas) to rescind Portman’s Israeli citizenship. She left Israel at age four, and has no real connection to the State.”

Hazan denies that there are any Palestinians, and is notorious for harassing families of Palestinians going to see imprisoned relatives (some Palestinians have been imprisoned for writing poetry or for Facebook posts, while several hundred children are being held for acts of protest against the Israeli military). He told one bus full of relatives, that the garbage they called loved ones would never see the light of day:

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Stop calling it ‘Jewish terror’ | +972 Magazine

Let’s stop calling those who have bombed, shot, or burned Palestinians ‘Jewish.’ Let’s call them what they really are: Israeli. By Yonatan Englender Israel is a country that is quick to appropriate every phenomenon or activity that takes place within it, from the success of its tech entrepreneurs (in whom the state did not invest even a single shekel) to the successes of its athletes (for whom the state did not provide even the most basic conditions for adequate practice). Even environmental disasters and car crashes are quickly turned into national events. [tmwinpost] Therefore, it is a bit strange that we refrain from referring…

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As an Israeli soldier, I played God with Palestinians | +972 Magazine

The occupation allows us to demand Palestinians show their identification cards at a whim. It allows us to slap, shove, or shoot them if necessary — even if they are the same age as our fathers or young enough to be our children. By Alon Mizrahi Only last night, once I sat down after a long day, did the memories come flooding back. It was probably a video of a police officer beating a middle-aged Palestinian truck driver in East Jerusalem, which had gone viral, that triggered it. A reminder of just one story — one out of millions that reflect the absurdity of the occupation. [tmwinpost]…

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