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“Don’t Look Up” Is “Dr. Strangelove” for Climate Change


Like most comedies, “Don’t Look Up” is probably best seen in theaters. But be prepared: As in “Dr. Strangelove,” the depth of comedy of “Don’t Look Up” is matched by a subtle, profound grief. The end of the movie is unbearably poignant; in particular, Lawrence delivers one line that is clearly the filmmakers explaining why they made this, even if it turns out to be completely futile. There may be a few movies that will make you laugh more and some that make you cry more, but if you add the laughing and crying together, it’s hard to think of anything that puts more emotional points on the board.

Source: “Don’t Look Up” Is “Dr. Strangelove” for Climate Change

Dobre Djen Does Abbott have a clue what that means?

The Bully Boy of Sydney Uni want’s a stoush and he doesn’t care where he finds it. Running Australia isn’t enough he’s got the Kevin 747 feeling and now has equalled Kevin’s record of world travels in his first year 11. Remember the glory days when Abbott was satisfied with barking at Kevin and involved in local politics. He was a tour de force back then. Now it’s not enough to  be just an American friend  on their list of allies against ISIS.  We have cut foreign aid so we have some money to spend on a good fight. Our fight one we own.  Russia will do. Andrew Bolt said he’d be back.

The government and I believe the Australian people would like to repay Ukraine for it’s support and friendship especially as the Ukraine continues to be the subject to active destabilization and indeed outright invasion from Russia a country it has never ever sought to harm”

Australian Foreign Aid is premised on trade. Do we trade with the Ukraine? Yes $35 mill exports no less and to Russia $1.8 Bill. Well some Australians are going to be hurting because of Abbott’s decision. Some might find themselves broke. The price of Vodka will go up. I believe he’s watching Dr Strangelove for the first time and thinks it’s a documentary.