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Is Jack as good as his master ? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

The UK decision, which may be influential on any future court challenge in Australia, looked at five key criteria to determine that the drivers were workers who were subject to the control of their “employer”. These were: Uber sets the fare for rides booked through the app and drivers are not able to charge more than the fare calculated; Uber specifies and imposes the terms on which the drivers perform their services; the drivers’ choice about whether to accept requests for rides is constrained by Uber, for example by penalising drivers who decline trips too frequently; Uber exercises control over the way drivers perform their services, via a rating system; and Uber restricts communications between passengers and drivers to prevent any continuing relationship beyond an individual ride. The next move in Australia will be to take the issue to the courts for determination but in the meantime a driver owned co-operative seems like a good alternative for the drivers : after all it doesn’t take much to set up an ‘app’, does it ?

Source: Is Jack as good as his master ? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Uber Xploitation: Uber’s secret settlement presages a wave of lawsuits – Michael West

Uber Deliveroo drivers take up the fight

​The Government’s fetish for deregulation plays right into the hands of predatory multinationals Uber and Deliveroo which exploit both Australia’s tax and labour laws to siphon profits overseas. Michael West and Callum Foote report on Uber’s exploitation and the prospective tsunami of lawsuits rolling its way.

Uber Xploitation: Uber’s secret settlement presages a wave of lawsuits – Michael West

Uber’s Total Tax Bill Last Year Was Only … Wait, PUPPIES!

uber puppies

Uber, the Silicon Valley tech giant valued at over $60 billion, paid an astonishingly low tax rate of just … hang on a second! Is that a little puppy? It is! Oh my god it’s so cute! Come and look at this. I’m going to die it’s so cute. Look how small he is. He’s so tiny! Come here you little thing.

Figures released from the Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance found that Uber’s tax as a percentage of its earnings was just. Stop it! No! They’re delivering puppies? What actual puppies? To workplaces? Fuck off! Let’s order one right now. That. Is. So. Adorable. This is too much!

mike baird uber puppies

Uber, which employs 20,000 people in Australia, responded to the enquiry by saying. Who’s a good boy? Yes you are! Yes you are! Look at those little floppy ears. Where’s your ball? Who’s got your ball? Who’s got your ball? Come and have a cuddle.