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We Would Never Tolerate Julian Assange’s Persecution If Any Other Country Carried It Out

If Russia were persecuting a whistleblower like Julian Assange, the US would rightly condemn it as authoritarian abuse. But because that persecution is backed by the US, the mainstream media and American politicians are fine with it.

Source: We Would Never Tolerate Julian Assange’s Persecution If Any Other Country Carried It Out

How the Left Stopped Fascists From Organizing in Australia

Given what we are witnessing today in Canada, the U.S, and the EU does this still hold true. The demonstrations in the ACT say otherwise.  The organization and money is flowing but from the top-down. There’s cyber communication instigating chaos in all the world’s Democracies under the guise of “freedom” in order to make Authoritarian and Totalitarian nations seem more stable unoppressed and palatable. This is a financed coordinated action that’s drawn in disparate groups of individuals neo-Nazis, nationalists, false flaggers but not any Unions or the Left. Scott Morrison knows well they aren’t from the left so fails to condemn them as he would if they were ANTIFA. It’s why he prefers to say he “understands where they are coming from”. If any were ANTIFA would Morrison be so “understanding”?

This article seems more a cry for help  and is rather a celebration and reminder of history in order for the left to become more active in our current circumstance. The most active action at present is to get rid of the Morrison L-NP.

Far-right organizing in Australia is nothing new. But time and again, coalitions of anti-fascists, union militants, and community organizations have stymied the far right’s rise. That history stands as a resource for the Left to draw from today.

anti-fascists in Australia have beat back the threat of far-right violence time and again. From the Unemployed Workers Movement of the 1930s to Community Action Against Racism in the late 1980s and early ’90s, their lessons stand out clearly. To beat the far right, we need to unite people on the streets while confronting racism head-on and building broad coalitions that include unions and community organizations.

Source: How the Left Stopped Fascists From Organizing in Australia

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy Is Still Fighting for Justice

Morrison and the Corporate Media celebrated the Government winning the proprietory rights to the Indigenous flag. As if the war was now over they have allowed granted permission to Indigenous Australians qualified use of “their flag”. How Colonial of Scott Morrison

Fifty years ago today, the Aboriginal Tent Embassy was established in Canberra. It successfully pushed Australia’s government to establish indigenous land rights in the 1970s and helped create a model for militant action in indigenous rights struggles today.

Source: The Aboriginal Tent Embassy Is Still Fighting for Justice

For Republicans, There Will Be No “Return to Normal”

Rightward Republican Party radicalization is well-positioned for continuing political success, even as it promises to bring political and economic instability for the country and the world with it.

Source: For Republicans, There Will Be No “Return to Normal”

Australia Has Rolled Workers’ Rights Back to the 1800s

The Australian High Court has just ruled that, if an employment contract says you are a casual worker, then you must be a casual worker — even if you work regular, ongoing hours. The decision is a massive blow to workers’ rights.

Source: Australia Has Rolled Workers’ Rights Back to the 1800s

The US Considered Kidnapping and Even Assassinating Julian Assange

As the US government fights to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, a bombshell new report has revealed just how far the CIA contemplated going in its war on the Australian journalist. It weighed not just kidnapping but assassinating Assange.

Source: The US Considered Kidnapping and Even Assassinating Julian Assange

Republicans Run Toward Their Base. Democrats Run Away From Theirs.

This year’s RNC was predictably a circus, while the DNC was largely pitched to a relatively small sliver of affluent professionals and suburban conservatives. While conservatives are pulled ever rightward by an increasingly radicalized fringe, liberal elites discipline their base into accepting a message crafted for someone else.

The For-Profit Aged-Care Industry Has Led to Catastrophe

The For-Profit Aged-Care Industry Has Led to Catastrophe

The epicenter of Melbourne’s COVID-19 outbreak is, predictably, aged-care homes, where years of marketization have led to an industry based on low wages, understaffing and cost cutting. Amid the tragedy taking place in aged care, we need to call for an overhaul of the entire for-profit system.

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A Dangerous Turning Point

A victory over Trump and the GOP in November does not translate by itself into the kind of change we need. Nor does it provide any guarantee that advocates of a racist authoritarian state cannot roar back down the road. But only by preventing a Trump second term can the immediate threat Trumpism poses be averted. Only a Left that brings its determination and its vision of structural change to the fight that millions believe is priority number one — beating Trump — can come out of 2020 with sufficient strength and alliances to drive further toward our long-range goals.

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No, Immigration Is Not Driving Down Wages in Australia

The Australian Labor Party’s Kristina Keneally is using the lockdown to call for a reduction in immigration once borders reopen, citing the nativist trope that migrant workers are driving down wages. But it’s not immigrants that have driven down Australian workers’ wages — it’s the Labor Party’s own history of neoliberal policies.

No, Immigration Is Not Driving Down Wages in Australia

Is Bernie “Trumpian”?

But Bernie is the only internationalist in the race. He’s been outspoken in criticizing the US war machine, working across party lines to end the war in Yemen and even criticizing past US interventions in Latin America. Though he hasn’t been as radical on immigration as some supporters would like, he’s articulated a clear critique of Trump’s cruel policies. Compared to 2016, he has been far bolder about identifying as a person from a working-class immigrant family, raised by people who faced genocide abroad as well as poverty and discrimination in their chosen country.

It’s no surprise that he’s enormously popular among American Muslims and Latinos. While Trump’s war on immigrants is intended to appeal to provincial elites who disdain the global poor, and to divide the white American working class from its immigrant counterparts, Bernie’s support of immigrants represents a genuine socialist solidarity with the international working class.

Is Bernie “Trumpian”?