How the Left Stopped Fascists From Organizing in Australia

Given what we are witnessing today in Canada, the U.S, and the EU does this still hold true. The demonstrations in the ACT say otherwise.  The organization and money is flowing but from the top-down. There’s cyber communication instigating chaos in all the world’s Democracies under the guise of “freedom” in order to make Authoritarian and Totalitarian nations seem more stable unoppressed and palatable. This is a financed coordinated action that’s drawn in disparate groups of individuals neo-Nazis, nationalists, false flaggers but not any Unions or the Left. Scott Morrison knows well they aren’t from the left so fails to condemn them as he would if they were ANTIFA. It’s why he prefers to say he “understands where they are coming from”. If any were ANTIFA would Morrison be so “understanding”?

This article seems more a cry for help  and is rather a celebration and reminder of history in order for the left to become more active in our current circumstance. The most active action at present is to get rid of the Morrison L-NP.

Far-right organizing in Australia is nothing new. But time and again, coalitions of anti-fascists, union militants, and community organizations have stymied the far right’s rise. That history stands as a resource for the Left to draw from today.

anti-fascists in Australia have beat back the threat of far-right violence time and again. From the Unemployed Workers Movement of the 1930s to Community Action Against Racism in the late 1980s and early ’90s, their lessons stand out clearly. To beat the far right, we need to unite people on the streets while confronting racism head-on and building broad coalitions that include unions and community organizations.

Source: How the Left Stopped Fascists From Organizing in Australia

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