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The “little Americans” that populate Australia – Pearls and Irritations

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation member countries flags on world map with national borders.

Greg Sheridan, in his opinion piece of Tuesday 21 February, provides yet another display of his spiteful, vacuous journalism – his erroneous claims that I am not the progenitor of the APEC Leaders’ Meeting, and that my views on Australian strategic policy are eccentric and at odds with the US alliance. PJ Keating reply to Greg Sheridan – The Australian, 21 February

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‘A party of hatred’: Q&A panel clash over preferences and Palmer

Columnist Greg Sheridan appeared on Q&A on Monday.

News Corp’s Head writer of Foreign Policy talks Politics (ODT)

No less than three times did Sheridan declare the Greens insane. Which is Entirely Sensible and the way to win over several million Australians to your point of view!
And there was this, also from Sheridan: “The Greens party is a party of hatred of Western civilisation and of our economy which wants to deindustrialise Australia and destroy every tradition we’ve been built on.”

Entirely Sensible! Thank goodness for an election campaign that has brought back common sense, and also brought back Greg Sheridan to Q&A.

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How I fell off the Chair. Ironically, the current mood on social media seems to suggest Malcolm Turnbull is the new Diablo, only this time the rants are coming from the Right. Strange times, indeed. Whing’n for Abbott now Bitch’n for Abbott

Greg Sheridan’s eulogy of the Abbott Prime Ministerial era in The Australian yesterday, says a lot about his loyalty to a close friend, but little by way of a believable appeasement for what was probably the worst performance by any national Australian leader in our short history. Sheridan is brave in predicting that, “History will…

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