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Tony Abbott’s foreign affair disaster September. Bridget Bardot wishes she’d done more……..Andrew Bolt Exclusive Incite!!! Care of Newscorp

Personally this man decided to put himself on the front page months ago by sounding off like the leader of the war pac-t. He wanted to be noticed for other than his home-grown stupidity. It worked he is noticed for his International stupidity. However this man has a history of stupidity and viciousness since a student he’s left a trail of blood behind. However as a student he wasn’t noticed in Australia he wasn’t noticed until Murdoch took control of our media. The world however noticed and it’s not all Left wing.  Let’s hear some opinions from other than Newscorp and Fox.

 Number 40 The Slate in the USA headlined its piece:

‘The Saudi Arabia of the South Pacific: How Australia became the dirtiest polluter in the developed world.’

Its critique was blunt:

‘In the year since they took office, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his Liberal-led coalition have already dismantled the country’s key environmental policies. Now they’ve begun systematically ransacking its natural resources. In the process, they’ve transformed Australia from an international innovator on environmental issues into quite possibly the dirtiest country in the developed world.’

The judgment is based on three visible reversals: logging Tasmania’s forests, recalcitrance at the recent UN climate summit in New York and the carbon tax/price repeal.

Number 39 was the decision to follow the US into Iraq in yet another attempt to meet violence with violence — and, incidentally, boost the popularity of warmongering ‘leaders’.

The threat this poses to Australia was widely highlighted:

In the UK, The Guardian headlined its report:

‘Isis instructs followers to kill Australians and other disbelievers’

In the U.S.:

‘ISIS threatens to attack the US, France & Australia’

In Russia:

‘High alert: Australia ups terror threat level as intelligence warns of ISIS-related attack’

Number 38 was the deal with Cambodia to ‘sell’ some of the world’s most desperate refugees to one of the world’s poorest countries.

France’s prestigious Le Monde headed its report:

‘L’Australie souhaite 1000 réfugiés vendre au Cambodge’ [Australia wants to ‘sell’ 1,000 refugees to Cambodia]

CNN in the US:

‘Australian deal to settle refugees in Cambodia slammed as new low’

In the UK:

‘Cambodians protest Australia using country as refugee dumping ground’

In Indonesia:

‘Activists outraged over Cambodia-Australia refugee deal’

Number 37 was Australia’s appallingly cruel treatment of refugees.

France’s Le Monde ran a story titled,

‘En Australie, une fillette de 6 ans contre l’enfer des camps de migrants’ [In Australia, a 6 year old girl protests the ‘hell’ of migrant camps]

It recounts the case of an incarcerated child suffering untreated toothache, allergies, bed-wetting, stuttering and other symptoms of depression due to separation from her mother.

The New York Times ran an outraged editorial:

‘Australia is pursuing draconian measures to deter people without visas from entering the country by boat. In doing so, it is failing in its obligation under international accords to protect refugees fleeing persecution.’

Number 36 was the Budget decision to slash overseas aid from the miserable level promised before the 2013 election – already a reduction of $4.5 billion – by a further $3.1 billion.

The UK’s Daily Mail quoted aid advocate and rock legend Sir Bob Geldof, saying he was dismayed Australia had reduced overseas direct aid (ODA) when it was one of the richest nations in the world.

Said Geldorf:

“The Australian government promised to increase ODA to 0.5 per cent [of GDP]. The Australian people gave their word to the poorest people on this planet. You can’t mess with a sovereign promise to the poor, they’re too weak, they’re too vulnerable. You can’t f*** around with them.”

So let’s briefly recap the earlier 35: