Consumers warned of looming ‘nightmare’ as AEMO reports record wholesale electricity costs – ABC News

This report reads as if this emergency is a natural disaster and not the collapse of a man-made system that’s currently out of control. We have seen the collapse of man-made free-market systems before and occurring more regularly and have seen governments stepping in to bolster and stabilise them at everyone’s expense. Not just at the expense of their owners. Free markets simply don’t operate in everybody’s interest and never have so why should everybody pay least of all those that can least afford to? A race for profit was never one based on common sense.

We are currently feeling and experiencing proof positive of a collapse as if we have nobody to blame for it domestically. Yes, we have globally connected something the LNP denied about climate for over a decade simply because to think otherwise would have affected trade and the profit race of some. Our current domestic failure is a reflection of man’s failure to treat energy as a global resource but rather treat it as a privatised one. In Australia’s case owned by multinational corporations who control energy from resource to production and distribution. Wasn’t it always time for a total rethink on energy production and distribution not just now that the shit has hit the fan? One with a guaranteed better logical outcome for everybody? Common sense to the LNP seems to always be a Socialist plot.

Dump free-market and it’s private interests, propagandised mythologised as common, for a start. Energy should be socialised, free and common to everyone distributed as a basic need and equally allocated for a start. It should be nationalised from resource, production and distribution. Any payment system over and above a baseline should be determined according to ones means.

All energy companies and the system need to be totally integrated and regulated for both our and the planet’s betterment not simply owned by a powerful few. A common sense should prevail over any individual one. To say it can’t be done ignores the fact that it was done in the past during periods of war and national emergencies energy was socialised. Need came before profit dictated that private gain was last in line when it came to energy distribution. It was understood then that energy wasn’t a product best controlled by a free-market but regulated. It needed to be in a much fairer fashion the mechanics of which began with the war against Germany and Japan. Science, invention all our systems both economic and cultural changed and weren’t driven by business alone but rather a politics of common sense rather than individual interest. It’s been decades of the opposite with the LNP government mostly in power and we are all paying the cost through the nose for it not just those that profited.

Dutton now after only 2 months saying “stop talking the past just fix the problem” The problem being what he and the LNP spent a decade allowing to fester. Unfortunately, you can’t stop an avalanche or stampede in its tracks like Whitlam and Hawke did. Rudd and Gillard saved us from the GFC and history has shown us the ALP has always repaired the LNP’s mess and done the hard yards with the least amount of pain. While the LNP always operated on the race for profit allowing the nation to slide on every other social metric. The ALP remains dedicated to Democracy even if that means one arm tied behind it’s back and allowing idiots like Peter Dutton spout his inanities as opposition leader.

Key points:

  • Wholesale prices in the national electricity market averaged $264/MWh in the three months to June 30
  • The figure was twice the previous highest quarterly average and three times higher than a year ago
  • Surging wholesale power prices have sparked warnings that consumers face huge bill increases

Consumers warned of looming ‘nightmare’ as AEMO reports record wholesale electricity costs – ABC News


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David Goeßm

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