Christianity, is the foundation of our freedoms according to Andrew Bolt the man who maintains I’m not a Christian. 6/10/2014

The man with bilge for  brain gives yet another one of his interpretations of the history of the world. A thumbnail sketch that wouldn’t fit on the back of a stamp. Freedom had nothing to do with Christianity the concept of citizen was Greek the separation of  church and state had a much greater impact. Bolt seems to have overlooked the influence of the French Revolution.

The idiot says the “the names of organizations  tell the story” is he for real? Does the KKK spell Christian Racists? Did the Branch Davidians  tell their stories? Did Jones Town represent Bolt’s Christian ‘s ideal of freedom? They and many others like them made claims to the true Christianity. Where was the freedom in any of it? The Church of Scientology according to Bolt it’s in the name. The Boers in South Africa justified the lack of freedom  in their version of Christ message. So a mix Sunni radicals calling themselves Daesh, IS whatever they  aren’t representative of Islam.

Oh ISIL claiming to have a mandate means fuck all crazies throughout history claim mandates shit Tony Abbott claims a mandate for all sorts of things strange who amongst the Islamic world believe IS has a mandate ” Some non-Muslims might believe they  have a mandate and have converted. Some Muslims might as well however the majority don’t. Sunni and Shia  in India aren’t slaughtering each other. In Indonesia homosexuals, transvestites and transgender persons aren’t killed or stoned to death. Women are educated run for the highest office in the land and run businesses more so than here.

Again Bolt’s fact three  is totally meaningless. It’s strange that Bolt a professed non-Christian believes in  and quotes the bible as fact. The fact of  Christs  life. He sounds like a Dutch Calvinist a Reformationist. The bible is the word. That book has been interpreted and reinterpreted over the years so much it has people dancing with snakes in the name of god. Speaking in tongues in the name of god. Justifying violence against the state in the name of god ( Timothy Mcveigh).  Christians have slaughtered apostates throughout history and found it biblically justified. Here we have Bolt a declared non believer telling us the word. What a bullshit artist the man is and such a bad one at that

The Nazi’s had an ideology maybe not god at the centre. Social Darwinism the natural order the evolution of things. It was an Ideology nevertheless  to justify their existence. Eugenics was their proof. God wasn’t a central tenet  so it had no guilt breaking any agreements it made with the Catholic church. Science ,Eugenics were nominated as their god

“Islam’s violent tendencies” is Bolt’s unsophisticated figment and simplistic justification for his Ultra Racism