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Clear as mud: gig workers’ rights versus Uber, Deliveroo, Ola and Menulog fight for flexibility – Michael West

Gig economy Deliveroo UberEatsMenulog won plaudits for its promise to trial an “employment model”, yet in the wake of the Senate inquiry the battle to find consensus over what constitutes fair work in the gig economy remains in full swing. Workers – or “partners” as Uber calls them – still earn less than the minimum wage for employees not covered by an award or registered agreement and they receive no benefits or legal protections. Luke Stacey reports.

Source: Clear as mud: gig workers’ rights versus Uber, Deliveroo, Ola and Menulog fight for flexibility – Michael West

The Coles Warehouse Lockout Is a Front-Line Struggle in the Battle Over Automation

Australia’s biggest supermarket chain has locked out its warehouse workers in New South Wales. The lockout is the first battle in a coming war over who will benefit from automation — solidarity with the Coles workers is vital.

The Coles Warehouse Lockout Is a Front-Line Struggle in the Battle Over Automation

I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave – Mother Jones

More than 15 percent of pickers, packers, movers, and unloaders are temps. They make $3 less an hour on average than permanent workers. And they can be “temporary” for years.

I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave – Mother Jones

Tories sell the farm labour buys it back. Social responsibility only if theirs a profit

Small Government and Cheap Labour #notfittogovern
“Small Government” is the central defining right-wing slogan. And yes, it’s all about “Cheap Labour”. Using this ideology, the Cheap-Labour ideologue paints himself as a defender of “freedom” against “Big Government Tyranny”.
But the Cheap-Labour Conservative isn’t really interested in “freedom”. What he wants is the “Privatised Tyranny” of industrial serfdom, the main characteristic of which is – you guessed it – “Cheap-Labour”.
Is the pattern becoming clearer? These Cheap-Labour Liberals have no problem at all opening the public purse for corporate interests. It’s “Social Spending” on people who actually need assistance that they just “can’t tolerate”.
And now you know why. Destitute people work Cheaper, while a harsh police state keeps them suitably terrorised.
Included within the slogan “Small Government” is the whole Conservative set of assumptions about the nature of the “Free Market” and government’s role in that market. In fact, the whole “Public sector/Private sector” distinction is an invention of the Cheap-Labour Liberals. They say that the Private sector exists outside and independently of the Public sector. The Public sector, according to Cheap-Labour ideology, can only interfere with the Private sector, and that such interference is inefficient and unprincipled.
In fact, the whole idea that the Private sector is independent of the Public sector is totally bogus. In fact, “the market” is created by public laws, public institutions and public infrastructure.
For proof, you need only look at exactly what constitutes “Big Government Tyranny” and what doesn’t. It turns out that Cheap-Labour Liberals are BIG supporters of the most oppressive and heavy handed actions the government takes.
Sounds to me like the Cheap-Labour Liberals have a peculiar definition of “Freedom”.
What do these guys consider to be “tyranny”? That’s easy. Take a look:

• Cheap-Labour Liberals must always have a “Surplus” – Sell off every “Public” owned asset until they achieve their “Surplus” – or until there is NOTHING left to sell.

• “Social Spending”, otherwise known as Redistribution, is classed as “Age of Entitlement”. While they don’t mind tax dollars being used for killing people in wars for oil, using their taxes to feed people is “stealing”.

• Cheap-Labour Liberals have fought against every piece of legislation ever proposed to improve working conditions, including the eight hour day, annual leave, sick leave, OHS regulations, and even Child Labour laws.

• Cheap-Labour Liberals are hell bent on destroying Labour Unions, who “extort” employers by collectively bargaining.

• Cheap-Labour Liberals cut Federal support and diminish Federal standards for public education.

• Cheap-Labour Liberals completely ignore or bypass Environmental regulations and the EPA.

• Cheap-Labour Liberals mock Civil rights legislation. There are still Cheap-Labour Liberals today, who are staunch defenders of the “White Australia Policy”. Apparently, Federal laws ending Segregation and Racial Discrimination were “tyranny”, but segregation itself was not.

• Cheap-Labour Liberals are petrified of the Truth – Unlike Commercial Broadcasting, Public Broadcasting deals in the truth– The ABC and SBS, which are virtually the only source for Real News, High class Documentaries, Music and Theatre, are a threat to their Propaganda. This from the people constantly braying about the decay of “The Culture”.

• Cheap-Labour Liberals support every Right-Wing Authoritarian Hoodlum in the third world.

• Cheap-Labour Liberals support foreign assassinations, covert intervention in foreign countries, and every other “Black Bag” and “False Flag” operation they can dream up, even against constitutional governments, elected by the people of those countries.

• Cheap-Labour Liberals want all the military force we can stand to pay for and never saw a weapons system they didn’t like.

• Cheap-Labour Liberals – you know, the ones who believe in “Freedom” – say our crime problem is because – get this – we’re too “Permissive”. How exactly do you set up a “Free” society that isn’t “Permissive”?

• Cheap-Labour Liberals complain about the “handcuffing the police” and giving “rights to criminals”. It never occurs to them, that our criminal justice system is set up to protect innocent citizens from abuses or just plain mistakes by government officials – you know, the ones who can’t do anything right

• Cheap-Labour Liberals support the “get tough” and “lock ’em up” approach to virtually every social problem in the spectrum. In fact, it’s the only approach they support. As for the ever increasing gaol population – they say our justice system is “too lenient”.

• Cheap-Labour Liberals support “domestic surveillance” against “subversives” – where “subversive” means “everybody but them”.

• Cheap-Labour Liberals, the big believers in “freedom”, think it’s the government’s business if you smoke a joint or sleep with somebody of your own gender.

• Cheap-Labour Liberals support our new offshore “Concentration Camps”. They also support these “secret tribunals” and “secret evidence” and draft new inhumane legislation to inflict even more pain and suffering on human beings fleeing persecution from their governments. Then label Labor and The Greens as “Stalinists” for demanding the release of children from these hell holes.

• And let’s not forget this perennial item on the agenda. Cheap-Labour Liberals want to “Protect our National Symbol” from “Desecration”. Of course, it is they who desecrate the flag every time they wave it to support their Cheap-Labour Liberals. [Ouch! That was one of those “hits” you can hear up in the “nosebleed” seats

See the pattern? Cheap-Labour Liberals support every coercive and oppressive function of government, but call it “tyranny” if government does something for you – using their money, for Christ sake.
Australia, don’t become America.