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‘The Australian’ falls for Government spin on asylum seekers — again

Murdoch is the proxy State Media for the LNP government “No questions asked” as long as you slash the funding to the ABC. Today our public media has been reduced ti the equivalent funding it had in 1984. This Government rode into power on the promis of No Cuts to the ABC. (ODT)

Any decent journalist would have asked basic questions such as:

How and when did the extraordinary surge in asylum seekers come about?
How big is the problem, really, given the Government is saying it is no big deal?
Is the Government really getting on top of the problem or are they just spinning a line?
What is the surge costing the economy and the budget?’
Does the Government actually have an effective plan to get on top of the problem?’

But no, Chambers and Kelly just happily ignore such basic questions.

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Fox News Smears John Dean Before He Testifies To Judiciary Committee | Crooks and Liars

Washington Examiner Editor Smears John Dean On Fox

Only modus operandi of Trumpsters is to bully their way through any real inquiry with disparagement and slogans they want to take the bat and ball and own it completely (ODT)

The House Judiciary Committee will question Richard Nixon’s former White House counsel John Dean during today’s hearing on the Mueller report.

Dean was an instrumental figure in the impeachment of Richard Nixon, and the Democrats feel he can give the proper context to Donald Trump’s actions outlined in the Mueller report.

Donald Trump fumed in a Tweet:

So as usual, Fox News made sure to put on guests that would trash his rivals’ reputation thoroughly.

On America’s Newsroom, co-host Bill Hemmer introduced the Washington Examiner’s Hugo Gurdon to do the honors.

Hemmer said, “John Dean is a star witness Hugo, how about that?”

Gurdon said, “You know, we wrote in the “Washington Examiner” editorial this morning that this is one of the signs that the Democratic investigations into the House have descended from drama into farce.”

He continued, “If John Dean is your star witness and he’s the lead-off batter, it shows how bad things will get. He was described as a master manipulator in the Watergate scandal. He’s a felon and he’s been disbarred. His only role these days is to be a sort of house trained poodle for the Democrats.”

Trump’s childish mockery of his rivals is the norm now for all Republicans.

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