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The Christian wolf in sheep’s clothing – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Any fool can manufacture a narrative, in fact, whole societies have manufactured consent through media ownership while vilifying those who would point out the facts to challenge them. Cruelty, victim blame, and vilification become the norms shrouded in fascicle smiley hypocrisy.

Unless, as a species, we learn the scientific facts … we are lost to this type of cruel and vile self-justification for evil. The Christian wolf in sheep’s clothing. A compulsive lying coat of thorns disguised as many colours. The smiling assassin.

Mark my words, Morrison is truly dangerous because he believes his own lies.

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Old Dog Thoughts- Murdochian Myths

Last 5 Years Hottest on Record:  NASA, NOAA; & World Hotter than any time in 120,000 years

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,8/2/19; Climate Change Planet Earth NASA,NOAA the past120,000 years; Trump’s SOTU and Polling Data;

Australia and the overpopulation myth

For many activists, it might be unwitting but objectively, the overpopulation, anti-people scare campaign sends xenophobic and racist messages.

As the noted socialist scholar David Harvey says,


“Whenever a theory of overpopulation seizes hold in a society dominated by an elite, then the non-elite invariably experience some form of political, economic, and social repression.” 

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