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Iraq is seeking 10 Gigawatts of Solar Power; if World had gone Green in ’80s, Would the US have ever invaded Iraq?

I am struck by the irony that if only the US had invested massively in renewable energy and electric vehicles right from the 1970s when the climate crisis had become clear to scientists, Washington may not have felt the need to invade Iraq to unleash its hydrocarbon resources. When Ronald Reagan took back down Jimmy Carter’s solar panels off the White House, he was symbolically committing this country to generations of energy wars.

Source: Iraq is seeking 10 Gigawatts of Solar Power; if World had gone Green in ’80s, Would the US have ever invaded Iraq?

How Israeli police are colluding with settlers against Palestinian citizens

A right-wing Israeli seen standing in front of Israeli Border Police officers during attacks by security forces, rightists, and settlers on Palestinians in the city of Lyd, central Israel, May 13, 2021. (Oren Ziv)

The Palestinian residents who I interviewed on Wednesday repeated what I was told by youth participating in the riots. Their problem isn’t with Jewish people, but with the settlers who have been coming in and taking over the city over the past several years with the mayor’s blessing, they said. “We have been living here for decades with religious and Jewish people, there are good neighborly relations, but they [the settlers] are coming for war,” said one of the Palestinian residents.

Source: How Israeli police are colluding with settlers against Palestinian citizens

Spike in settler attacks creates “living hell” for Palestinians | The Electronic Intifada

Uniformed soldiers face off against unarmed protestors hidden by a cloud of tear gas

But the 45-year-old taxi driver was forced to abandon his car – his private car – when he was set upon by what he described as a gang of seven settlers. By the time Jaber returned, the men had pummeled his car with rocks and stones and smashed the windows. “Two Israeli soldiers were there watching and didn’t do anything to stop them,” Jaber told The Electronic Intifada.

Spike in settler attacks creates “living hell” for Palestinians | The Electronic Intifada

Australian Genocide



Before Major Nunn set out on his evil killing spree in my sacred Gamilaraay lands. He was given orders by the governor of the time to get rid of the black problem in the Gamilaraay Nation.

Over several weeks as he was heading up Mt Kaputar he heard loud roars and thought it was thunder.

When he kept looking up he could see all these flickering lights and thought it was lighting and then the sky turning dark, which he thought were rain clouds.

When he and his men had reached the top of Mt Kaputar and looked out over the land he could not believe what lay before him.

The loud roar that he thought was thunder was the Gamilaraay 500 + who where being led as always by our brave Gamilaraay woman banging on there shields and possum skin drums.

He and his men could also see that the flickering lights that they thought was lightning was the many fires still burning through the night.

What he thought were rain clouds was nothing more than the 500 + proud strong Gamilaraay warriors and our woman dancing and all singing in unison the mighty fighting dance with dust flying high over their heads.

After witnessing this Major Nunn and his men took off back to Singleton.

Then several weeks had passed and our mob began thinking that this evil man was not coming back into our sacred lands.

So the Gamilaraay 500 + had all dispersed and went back to their clan areas.

But then this evil man came back several months later with more troopers and committed genocide on our then small band of unsuspecting proud brave warriors, beautiful strong woman and children and this is what is now known as Slaughterhouse Creek