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Matthew Guy: If the PM loses, the big winner may be this guy

Victoria eyes the new Guy.

Matthew Guy might entertain a secret wish that Scott Morrison loses the next federal election. Although the PM will not be taking the Victorian Liberals wishes into account, the next federal election date has major ramifications for Matthew Guy. If – as looks likely – the Morrison government is tossed out, then that assists the state Liberals. If Anthony Albanese wins, the new PM and his team recruit and cherry-pick the best staff from all the ALP states. Andrews’ advisers, working for the pre-eminent ALP premier, will be much sought after, leaving him relying on a new team in a state election year. Meanwhile, Matthew Guy will have an abundance of battle-hardened Liberal evacuees from Canberra looking to ply their trade, which re-invigorates a tired state Liberal Party. But the federal scene is not pretty for the Morrison [almost minority] government, and Victoria looks particularly ugly. Of the 21 “marginal”, Liberal-held seats to defend, the biggest clump of seven are in Victoria, then four in NSW, four in Queensland, three in WA, two in Tasmania and only one in SA. That is why Dan Andrews will accuse Scott Morrison of being the PM for NSW whenever he can. Inexplicably the PM is giving Andrews ample opportunities.

Source: Matthew Guy: If the PM loses, the big winner may be this guy

Liberal Party pandemic management: Exemplary — thanks, Gladys!

Scott and Gladys were so intent on dividing the country they forgot that pride comes before a fall. They both failed the test of leadership blinded by their populist electioneering. Now they are looking at others to blame when all they need is a mirror.

Watching New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian and her “gold standard” pandemic management unravel before our eyes is a bittersweet moment for many people — Victorians, in particular.For months on end, Gladys has been held up as the model all should follow. We have heard that Gladys’ gold standard contact tracing was second to none. That her approach to handling the pandemic was far superior to her mere mortal non-Liberal counterparts around the country. Even that she single-handedly “saved Australia”.

Source: Liberal Party pandemic management: Exemplary — thanks, Gladys!