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The Problem Isn’t “Polarization” — It’s Right-Wing Radicalization

There is no Left/Right Equivalence in America. There is only the Radicalisation of the Right. ISIS taught us the means and its being applied by the Christian Far-Right’s Fundamentalism in the USA. It’s reflected in Qanon, Alex Jones, the anti-abortion, anti-education, and pro-Militant MAGA groups like the American -Nazis, Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys all of which are fast becoming a Christian version of an ISIS in America where tolerance is eliminated as dangerous, and a pure Nation state created. ISIS was never simply seen as “Polarisation” but Muslim Radicalisation and the American right-wing admired them Israel, Kim Jong-un Orban and Putin for it.

Many liberal responses to Trumpism lament “polarization” on all sides. But the call to return to a sensible centrism ignores the real crises we face — falsely equating those who want to solve them with a far right who would make them worse.

Source: The Problem Isn’t “Polarization” — It’s Right-Wing Radicalization

Dear progressives: Craig Kelly, Abbott and Trump are making you their stooge | Simon Black | Australia news | The Guardian

Craig Kelly and Tony Abbott

News Corp’s good guys (ODT)

I had been noticing this sleight of hand for a while but it was finally crystallised last week after the climate zealot and federal politician Craig Kelly declared in a widely reported speech that we shouldn’t worry about climate change and that, rather than being the cause of global warming, “fossil fuels actually protect us”.

While this statement is incendiary, and stoked the outrage Kelly no doubt expected, there is nothing new or strange about it.
Australian government backs coal in defiance of IPCC climate warning
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Kelly has made extreme statements like this his stock-in-trade and you could substitute his speech for those by Tony “climate change itself is probably doing good” Abbott or Barnaby “people in the Kmart don’t care about the Paris agreement” Joyce.

Polarising figures win the numbers game almost by default – and not just with climate.

via Dear progressives: Craig Kelly, Abbott and Trump are making you their stooge | Simon Black | Australia news | The Guardian