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Why Violent Extremists Welcome Attacks on Islam

Whenever an act of horrific terror enrages the West, a predictable second act ensues. Furious commentators and activists on the right erupt with blanket denunciations of Islam, Muslims and their supposed plots to enslave us all under Shariah, urging that we ban the religion, stigmatize its faithful and restore the Judeo-Christian exclusivity of America. Sometimes a few even seek retribution in attacks on mosques, individual Muslims and anyone unfortunate enough to “look Muslim.”

Violent or merely loud, these are the useful idiots whose divisive blundering underscores the propaganda of al-Qaida, the Islamic State group and imitators around the world. They represent precisely the opposite of what we must do and say if we are to defeat Islamist extremism in all its manifestations.

Look behind the delusional murderers who actually carry out such crimes as the massacres at Charlie Hebdo and the Paris kosher market. What is their strategic objective? Not a military victory over the French army or even an atmosphere of fear in Paris. They seek to provoke a harsh crackdown on innocent Muslims, especially the young and unemployed, along with expressions of bigotry and discrimination—to highlight the simmering communal conflicts they hope to inflame into a “war of civilizations.”

So the extremists can only be grateful when anti-Muslim propaganda, repeated constantly in right-wing publications and broadcasts, casts them as the defenders of Islam rather than its defilers. Every time Islam is publicly defined as a religion of violence, the jihadis gain prestige. Their appeals become more persuasive to oppressed young Muslims—especially if no alternative is apparent.

Yet the narrative of endless conflict and implacable distrust is not only untrue—as we saw last week when Parisians of all faiths rallied together—but deeply destructive to traditional democratic values and strategically stupid.

Yes, we must protect the right to speak freely, including when the speech is offensive to religions and even to ethnic groups, without fear of violent responses. We must also protect the rights of religious and ethnic minorities—including the right to protest peacefully against offensive speech. That requires swift action against those who will conspire to maim, murder and terrorize—and the capacity, whenever possible, to neutralize those criminals before they act.

But Americans will need to do much more than surround ourselves with police, armies and intelligence services if we ever hope to overcome our extremist enemies. Effective counterterrorism demands a contrasting narrative of coexistence, respect, fairness and opportunity.

The elements of that political arsenal exist already—in the stories of Ahmed Merabet, the Muslim policeman who died heroically in Paris, and Lassana Bathily, the young Muslim employee who led Jews in the kosher market to safety; in the undeniable fact that the extremists murder hundreds of innocent civilians, overwhelmingly Muslim, every week; and in the secure, prosperous existence that millions of ordinary Muslim families have enjoyed in this country for decades, despite outbursts of prejudice and harassment.

We ought to note with pride that Muslims serve in the U.S. military and every branch of government, including two members of Congress, because the Constitution specifically bans any religious test for public office. (Certain figures on the religious right may need to be reminded, too.) Muslims should know that their holy days are routinely celebrated in the White House by presidents of both parties—even as all religions are subject to disbelief, criticism and even jeering satire in a free society.

The consensus among ordinary Muslims is well-known to pollsters of public opinion: By large majorities, here and abroad, they fear and disdain the violent extremists who have defamed their religion. Let’s at least stop trying to change their minds.

Melbourne & Sydney were Voted in the Top 5 of the Worlds Friendliest Cities. Bolt, Blair & Devine Aim to Destroy That..Verbal Terrorist Mongers

Tim Blair seems more interesting in meeting Islamic Mannequins, than actual Islamic people.


Tim Blair, Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine are the sad reflection of  radicalized fundamentalists no matter what religion or ideology . They might not be physically disposed to terror but they ar disposed the a terror of another kind VERBAL TERROR , MEDIA TERROR,INCITEMENT OF TERROR. They have a pulpit in Murdoch’s Church. They have a congregation they encourage that congregation to amplify their chant. A chant that thrives and grows on the indiscretions of a stupid few. Those indiscretions which they fuel with their media voice.

Tony Abbott’s government also encourages the dark-side the shadow of terror like the shadow of communism is a political opportunity. In the 50’s and 60’s the ‘Domino Theory’ of communist takeover sustained successive Liberal Governments and took us to Vietnam. Today it’s Islam and the Christian Mullahs very few but loud are BLAIR,BOLT & DEVINE. They aren’t Australia’s voice but Murdoch’s Church is the amplifier.

The rest of the world see us Australia as economically blessed a true rainbow nation voted in the top of all surveys,envied universally why? Lakemba a place to celebrate as Carlton was when it was full of Wogs and Jews in the 50’s. There were media fear mongers back then and for political advantage they took us to war and killed our young men in Vietnam for conservative advantage. Do you think Tony Abbott wouldn’t apply the same tactic today to stay in power when he sees his first year as government has been a total shambles? Margret Thatcher said terror is a tool the fuel of a desperate government.

Tim Blair may or may not have gone to Lakemba if he did he slid in like a lizard an hid under a rock. His article is not journalism but the psychology of a severely mentally disturbed paranoiac. It was used by his twin blogger in Melbourne Andrew Bolt to tell us we aren’t friendly or livable cities. Bolt for one hides in Malvern I haven’t a clue where Blair hides but they aren’t worthy any attention. To say they are employed shits in the face of those hard working Australians looking for jobs and those kids that are going to have to wait 6 months for  less than $200pw dole. These arseholes are no better than the evangelists of any extreme cult and should be treated in kind

Below are true descriptions of a suburb in Sydney that makes us deserve to be admired



A must read is Martin Flanagan in The Age it’s a true salute to the truth and real journalism

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