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The Risk of the Religious Right: Christian Libertarianism – » The Australian Independent Media Network

The Religious Right have always been here but was John Howard who sought the votes and money.Then Liberal Minister’s with no imagination have adopted their American policies here with Morrison leading that current move of entrenching the “blessed and recruiting Katherine Deves and any cost. Morrison is an evangelist who grew up with a very faith-based creationist background. A background  that eschews science and data as the epistemological basis for the continued change in our knowledge of the world for one that’s less progressive but is fundamentally hierarchical and a return to the Dark Ages

It arguably took one presidential term in America for the nation to move from a modern nation with a loud Religious Right, to one where in 9 states a woman enduring a miscarriage will fear arrest for the charge that she caused it.

Australia is echoing the American attack on trans people with other campaigns yet to follow the predictable American models. Amanda Stoker, Assistant Minister for Women, has been beginning to mainstream anti-choice arguments, and George Christensen introduced an anti-abortion bill to parliament last year. The Australian Christian Lobby is not only attacking Liberal candidates who crossed the floor to demand amendments to the religious discrimination bill, but is also campaigning against candidates who support late-term abortions (which are basically an emergency medical procedure).

These are the steps towards the cliff over which the US is now, suddenly, tumbling. Australians need to approach this election with full understanding of what a Coalition under siege from religious extremism means for us. The American model should scare us.

Source: The Risk of the Religious Right: Christian Libertarianism – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Dominic Perrottet Is Bad News for New South Wales

After Gladys Berejiklian’s resignation last week, New South Wales has a new premier. The rise of Dominic Perrottet — with links to Opus Dei, a raft of reactionary opinions, and close ties to big business — is bad news for Australia’s most populous state.

Source: Dominic Perrottet Is Bad News for New South Wales