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Today’s Evangelicalism Was Forged in the Fight Against Communism and Feminism

To some, it seemed hypocritical for evangelicals to support Donald Trump — not exactly a Christian-family-values figure. But his strong evangelical support was the culmination of the embattled cultural politics that gave rise to the modern evangelical movement.


Evangelicals’ identities are rooted in their calling, their task, which is to return America to its Christian origins, because only then will God give this nation his blessing. Evangelicalism, remember, has been this way since World War II. They’ve always had this special mission.

Of course, they will never achieve their task, because their version of America was never real to begin with. But it is an incredibly powerful way to rally the troops, mobilize conservatives, and make them feel like they have lost something that is rightfully theirs — that this is our country, we were once at the center of things, and what needs to happen is that we need to be back in charge because then we can Make America Great Again.


Source: Today’s Evangelicalism Was Forged in the Fight Against Communism and Feminism

Dominic Perrottet Is Bad News for New South Wales

After Gladys Berejiklian’s resignation last week, New South Wales has a new premier. The rise of Dominic Perrottet — with links to Opus Dei, a raft of reactionary opinions, and close ties to big business — is bad news for Australia’s most populous state.

Source: Dominic Perrottet Is Bad News for New South Wales

Doctors urge NSW to ‘pump the brakes’ on easing restrictions

Doctors have called on NSW to “pump the brakes” on easing restrictions too fast amid concern hospitals will be overwhelmed and as it was reported the state’s chief health officer does not endorse the new roadmap. The state’s new Premier Dominic Perrottet fronted media without Dr Kerry Chant on Thursday to announce some freedoms would be fast-tracked from Monday. The Australian Medical Association’s NSW branch has reacted to the changes with a warning that they were happening too quickly which would overwhelm the hospital system and burn out healthcare workers. “We’ve got a new premier in the driver’s seat, but that’s not a good enough reason to deviate from the course previously set,” AMA NSW President Danielle McMullen said. “Keeping people safe must be the premier’s top priority. “Relaxing restrictions too soon will not be a ‘popular’ decision if it means the number of people contracting the virus and ending up in hospital skyrockets.”

Source: Doctors urge NSW to ‘pump the brakes’ on easing restrictions

School is in, but Perrottet didn’t do his homework – » The Australian Independent Media Network

He has six kids. The possibility of any one of them contracting Covid and being hospitalised is greater than in the average Aussie family simply because of the numbers. It will be significant  given the lessons learned from Israel’s experience. Even experts like Fauci have said increased hospitalisation of children is probable. However, for Perrotet politics seems to taken priority over his family’s personal risk. The only thing that protects them from their father’s irreponsibility their social and economic status? Perrotet doesn’t seem to care.

Per Quartz, “On Aug. 31, Israel registered 11,000 new Covid-19 cases, the highest daily number since the pandemic began. The worrying thing was: That day’s case count beat a record set in mid-January when only a small proportion of Israel’s population had been vaccinated. “By the end of August, at least 68% of Israelis had received at least one vaccine dose, but even the vaccinated were falling sick enough to need hospitalization.

“In Israel, as in the US or western Europe, children form a large part of the as-yet-unvaccinated population. In August, the Israeli government predicted that children would make up half of all new Covid cases by the time the school year began on Sep. 1, and it instituted strict testing regimens for schools.

“The delta variant is much more highly transmissible than was alpha. So, given that, you will see more children likely to get infected,” Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said in mid-August. “A certain percentage of them will require hospitalisation.”

Source: School is in, but Perrottet didn’t do his homework – » The Australian Independent Media Network