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The Queen has left her mark around the world. But not all see it as something to be celebrated

Not so Tanzania or Rhodesia it was a German Colony

From the very beginning, Queen Elizabeth II’s reign was deeply connected to Britain’s global empire and the long and bloody processes of decolonisation.

Indeed, she became Queen while on a royal visit to Kenya in 1952. After she left, the colony descended into one of the worst conflicts of the British colonial period. Declaring a state of emergency in October 1952, the British would go on to kill tens of thousands of Kenyans before it was over.

Source: The Queen has left her mark around the world. But not all see it as something to be celebrated

Queen Elizabeth dies: In Africa, tributes are tempered by Britain’s bloody colonial past

Many Africans want Britain to return prized diamonds that adorn the Imperial State Crown (pictured here worn by Queen Elizabeth II as she delivers the Queen’s Speech in Parliament in 2016).

Imagine Right- Wing and Conservative Australian loudmouths railing at our Republicans and what they perceive as disrespect of Indigenous Australians for not mourning, bending and kowtowing to the death of the Queen. They aren’t saying anything about the slave trade in Africa or the pillaging and destruction of a prosperous nation like India.

Africans aren’t nearly as polite in reminding us what was done to their forefathers in the name of The British Monarchy. Even the Germans and French left some colonies in a better state than the British because they weren’t as brutally interfered with. The difference is witnessed in Tanzania’s and Senegal’s Democracies to the lack of it in Nigeria

Though Queen Elizabeth II was revered by many in Africa, her death also reignited a different sort of conversation – one that touched on the legacy of the British Empire and the brutality the monarchy meted out to people in its former colonies.

In a younger generation of Africans growing up in a post-colonial world, some lamented that the Queen never faced up to the grim aftermath of colonialism and empire, or issued an official apology. They said they wanted to use the moment to recall the oppression and horrors their parents and grandparents endured in the name of the Crown, and to urge for the return of crown jewels – rare massive diamonds – taken from the continent.

Source: Queen Elizabeth dies: In Africa, tributes are tempered by Britain’s bloody colonial past

Queen Elizabeth II’s Reign Glamorized Britain’s Political Backwardness

During Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign, the UK witnessed immense social transformation. Throughout this tumultuous period, the monarchy served one purpose: suppressing Britain’s political divisions in the name of unity and deference to the Crown.

Source: Queen Elizabeth II’s Reign Glamorized Britain’s Political Backwardness


Rather than doing away with the old aristocracy, capitalism has found its own uses for the British monarchy. The two now function in tandem to preserve the status quo in Britain — and should be opposed together.

The British Monarchy Has Woven Itself Into the Fabric of Capitalism