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Lawyer jokes? As always, the joke is on us. – » The Australian Independent Media Network

“Ysaiah Ross: Yes, I think there’s some truth about that. The fact that lawyers are in people’s minds all the time is probably very good for the profession, it probably generates more business. The Howard government, its Cabinet has more lawyers than any other Cabinet in the history of any Australian government. And it’s also the one which is least responsible for human rights. I find that very strange.”

Here we are, more than a decade later, with a parliament full to overflowing with tertiary qualifications. The abundance of lawyers is staggering, as is their mediocrity. It is the most unfunny ‘lawyer joke’ ever told, against which Duddo’s legal advice pales into insignificance.

via Lawyer jokes? As always, the joke is on us. – » The Australian Independent Media Network

SAS ethics ‘deeply compromised’ by Afghanistan failings


A former head of Australia’s special forces expressed fears that some of the nation’s most elite SAS Regiment and Commandos soldiers were “deeply compromised” ethically and their command “not fit for purpose”.

In a blistering secret briefing, the then Special Operations Commander Major General Jeff Sengelman attacked a collapse of leadership, “tribalism”, government policy that exhausted special forces through multiple deployments to Afghanistan, and a failure by individuals to take responsibility for their actions.

SAS ethics ‘deeply compromised’ by Afghanistan failings

Power games | The Monthly

This morning’s newspapers made it look as though the Coalition was running a sharp, unified media strategy. The Fairfax papers, as well as the Australian, carried stories marking the end of speculation about any GST changes. The death of this particular reform was extensively justified, with quotations from Treasurer Scott Morrison and modeling from Treasury to back up the government’s argument that “the [budgetary and economic] risks are very great and the rewards are very modest”.

Source: Power games | The Monthly

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